How to Celebrate 710 Day in 2023

What is 710?
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When it comes to cannabis-based holidays, April 20th is likely the first one that comes to mind. This holiday is so entrenched in the zeitgeist because most people associate the number 420 with cannabis culture. However, there is another holiday that celebrates marijuana that not as many people know about.

July 10th, or 710, is considered “Dab Day,” and it’s the celebration of cannabis concentrates within the marijuana community. On this date, stoners around the country indulge in oils and concentrates rather than flower, edibles, or other consumption methods.


Whether you are trying to celebrate 710 properly or want to learn about a new way to consume cannabis, understanding oils and concentrates is key. These products are incredibly unique, wholly powerful, and offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

Cannabis Concentrate Explained

Cannabis concentrates focus on the microscopic trichomes that exist on cannabis plants. These trichomes are responsible for the production of cannabinoids, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinol (CBD). They are a very potent product that can be used in a vape or a dab rig.

Cannabis Concentrate Production

Marijuana companies create concentrates in several different ways. They may use one of the following methods:

  • Dry ice or dry processing
  • Water-based processing
  • Pressure-heat combination
  • Carbon dioxide solvents
  • Other solvents, such as butane, alcohol, or propane
The final product may be a wax, a solid, a textured balm, or even a pourable wet, sticky, sugar-like substance. Each of these is used in a different way.

Using Cannabis Concentrates to Celebrate 710

Because 710 is a stoner holiday dedicated to cannabis concentrates, it is appropriate to try one of these methods if you want to celebrate the day. Some dispensaries will offer specials, sales, and deals on 710 in states where recreational marijuana is legal.

If you are ready to try concentrate for your 710 celebrations, it is important to know about your options. Each type of concentrate has different benefits, drawbacks, and things to note.

Cannabis Concentrates


Shatter is produced using plant matter and solvent to create a thick, viscous cannabis material. This material is then poured onto slabs and exposed to a vacuum oven to rid the material of excess solvent. The resulting product is a glass-like substance that shatters into small shards that can be used in joints, blunts, or other smoke setups to increase the amount of THC that the user ingests.

Shatter can be easily dosed because it is easy to break and divide with your fingers.


Crumble is created by melting down shatter and then whipping it to add air pockets. Then, it is placed on a slab in a vacuum oven to finish. The resulting substance looks like a honeycomb rather than smooth and delicate like glass. Crumble can also be used in the same manner as shatter; in other words, it can be added to joints, pipes, and other smoking methods to increase their potency.

Put simply, crumble is a brittle, three-dimensional product with a strong scent and all the properties of the strain-specific shatter it was created from.

Budder and Badder

Cannabis budder and badder are also created by melting down shatter and then whipping it. These extracts can be runny like cake batter (badder) or lighter and fluffier like butter (budder). Both are suitable for dabbing or adding to smokeable flower.

Distillate Oil

Distillate is made using ethanol extraction to produce a colorless, tasteless, extremely potent oil. During the distillate process, the cannabis material gets separated from the solvent. As this happens, the THC acid (THCA) drops a chemical group known as carboxyl, creating active THC. This allows for oral dosing without the need to heat the distillate first. In fact, many people ingest it orally with a syringe or mix it with food or drink.

You may also vaporize distillate with a vape or terp pen. Some people add oil to joints, blunts, and other types of smokable cannabis methods.

Live Rosin

The above methods require a solvent to produce the extract, though the solvent is purged away. Live Rosin is different, as no solvent is ever involved in the production process. This product is made with a flash-freezing process using the whole cannabis flower. When the product is plunged into ice water, the desired trichomes can be removed without the accompaniment of leaves and without the use of a solvent. The trichome product is frozen and dried, then pressed via simple pressure and heat method to create a viscous material similar in consistency to peanut butter.

Any of the above concentrates make for a great 710 celebration—it simply depends on what you want to achieve and how you want to consume your concentrate.

Dosing with Cannabis Concentrates

Though concentrates, like other cannabis products, are considered to be safe, it is still important to take care when using them. This will help you to enjoy your experience more and allow you to benefit from cannabis in the future.

The most important thing to note is that concentrates, as the name implies, are concentrated. This means that the THC content is much higher than it is for a similar amount of flower or other products. Ingesting even a small amount of a concentrate can cause a significant high, which can be disorienting or upsetting for infrequent or inexperienced users. Even those with a high tolerance to cannabis can suffer from psychosis or anxiety as a result of the high concentration of THC.

Because of the high concentration of THC combined with the slightly more involved ways to take some concentrates, these may be best for more experienced users. Or, simply be sure you take the time to learn about your chosen method with a budtender or experienced cannabis user before you begin.

These simple steps can help you to enjoy your 710 safely, whether it is your first time or fiftieth.

The Story Behind 710

710 spells “OIL” upside down

As with a lot of cultural events, it is difficult to say exactly when 710 began and why it was so named. Some say the date was chosen because, when flipped upside down, 710 spells “OIL” Supposedly, the terms became interchangeable when a large number of people ventured into auto parts stores and mechanic shops asking for 710 caps when in reality, they needed oil services.

There is another long-running theory that the name came from the Grateful Dead’s street address in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, which happened to be 710 Ashbury St. No matter the reason, it’s a great excuse to find some new cannabis concentrates and have a good time.

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Supplies for 710

To properly celebrate 710, it is important to have the supplies necessary to participate fully. Fortunately, you do not need a lot of special equipment to enjoy the advantages of concentrate use.

Dabbing Tool

Dabs are a common way to consume concentrates. You’ll need supplies like a dab rig, torch, dab nail, and a dab tool or dab wand. These setups were developed for concentrates and have been used for many years but have not been as frequently used since the advent of portable dab pens, such as the Boundless Terp Pen. The latter options are much easier to transport, use, and set up.

Choose Your Dab Rig

To dab, you’ll simply use your torch to heat the nail, which is a flat ceramic or metal surface, and place a small “dab” of concentrate directly on it. The heat will vaporize the concentrate, and all you’ll need to do is inhale the resulting vapor. A nectar collector shaped like a straw can make it easier to inhale all the vapor.

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2023 710 Events

If you don’t want to be alone for this holiday, it is fairly easy to find a cannabis event near you. While many dispensaries will offer sales, some will hold special events, classes, or gatherings for local individuals to come and enjoy. Exploring your local cannabis dispensary websites and social media will give you ideas of what is going on in your area.

Because of the warm weather and the reason for the season, outdoor music festivals are popular during this time. In fact, there are many music festivals around the country dedicated to celebrating 710. 710 Fest, held in the midwest, is said to be returning for 2023.

710 Fest, held in the midwest, is said to be returning for 2023
Though many of these events were put on hold during the pandemic, most are returning in some capacity.

DIY Ways to Celebrate 710 in 2023

If you are ready to celebrate 710 this year, we have a few suggestions for how to do so. However, as with any stoner holiday, you should not feel pressured to participate in a certain way. The culture of cannabis centers around authenticity and relaxation, not stress and pressure.

Your strain and THC levels will affect what you want to do. Indica-heavy strains usually make users want to relax and lounge, while sativa strains often inspire movement, activity, and euphoria.

Not sure what strain is right for you? Take our quiz:


Plan a Picnic

Bringing your concentrates on a picnic is a great way to enjoy their effects and the summer weather. Being outside is especially enjoyable under the influence of cannabis, and the picnic ensures that your munchies are covered.

In most states, it is not legal to smoke cannabis on public property, so either do it before you go or have a picnic in your own yard.

Have a Movie Night

Indica-heavy concentrates pair well with movie night, so 710 is a great time to have some friends over for a watch party. Try something visually pleasing to get the most out of your cannabis, or even try an animated film. Added bonus: popcorn is the original munchie.

DIY Ways to Celebrate 710 in 2023

Do Something Creative

Pull out the paints, cook a nice meal, or spend some time in your garden. These creative activities are often enhanced by cannabis, making them a great way to celebrate 710. Certain cannabis concentrates are specifically beneficial for creativity, so if this is your plan, try to pick a strain that inspires your imagination.


Sure, cleaning doesn’t feel like much of a celebration, but concentrates can help you to stay motivated and make the job feel good. Pop on some tunes, and before long, you’ll feel like doing laundry is the most fun you’ve ever had.

Get Some Exercise

Active sativa strains often inspire movement and give the user a euphoric feeling, which makes them a great inspiration for a good workout. The CBD will help reduce inflammation and relieve pain, which can really help with after-workout soreness. Using concentrates alone usually creates a high that hits faster and is over sooner, making them great for the length of an average workout.

Celebrating Cannabis with your Dank Budz

Our understanding of cannabis is growing rapidly, meaning that there is always something new to learn about this versatile plant. If your concentrates put you in a focused mood, learning more about cannabis can help you to further use it to your advantage.

Our team at Dank Budz is committed to providing ongoing cannabis education. To learn more about different cannabis topics, including how to plan for other cannabis-based celebrations, subscribe to our cannabis blog.

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