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Welcome to our fun little corner of the web where you can play quizzes and free cannabis themed games. Because, isn’t that what learning more about this magical plant should be all about? Having some freaking fun? We think so!

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Dank Budz CBD Product Finder


There are numerous benefits to incorporating CBD into your lifestyle. Answer these few questions to determine which product may be best for you.

What Cannabis Consumption Method is Best for Me?

Quiz: What Cannabis Consumption Method is Best for Me?

This quiz will guide you through various questions and situations designed to help you find the consumption method that best fits you. But first, let’s discuss why there are so many choices, and why the choice you make is so important.

What Marijuana Strain is Best for Me?​

Quiz What Strain is Right for Me

Have you ever visited a dispensary and wondered which strain is best suited for you?

It’s important to know that the effects of one strain can differ vastly from another. Never go unprepared again and take our short quiz to learn which type of cannabis strain would be perfect for your needs.

Quiz: Marijuana Trivia Challage

How much do you really know about the marijuana plant? Test your knowlege with your cannabis trivia quiz and see if you have the basics down!

Quiz: Cannabis Terpenes

How well do you know terpenes?
What are cannabis terpenes? As we learn more about this amazing plant and discover the role terepene play, it’s crucial that we learn which ones work best for our own needs! Take our terpene quiz now!