What Marijuana Strain is Best for Me?

strain quiz
Dispensaries offer their patrons a variety of strains and cannabis-infused products, each with specific and unique medicinal effects. But how do you know which strain is ideal for your particular need when there are so many potential choices? It is a conundrum that can certainly pose overwhelming, especially to a beginner.

We have decided to take the guesswork out of cannabis usage. Take our quiz to help point you in the right direction. This will allow you to narrow it down, and learn which strain will best fit your needs. For hundreds of years, the cannabis flower has provided medicinal relief, used in religious ceremonies and enjoyed by many recreationally.
Although not always accepted by society — or for that matter, made legal — people all over the world have used cannabis in hopes of benefiting from its psychotropic and physical effects. Now that the current attitudes towards marijuana are becoming more broad-minded and tolerance, many are now open to learning about the different ways that marijuana can be used to improve their daily lives.

Understand that each marijuana strain can affect people differently. For best results, use the quiz here as a guide to help you maneuver through the wide selection of cannabis products currently available on the market. When in doubt, consult the budtender at your local dispensary who can assist you with recommendations.