Meet Your New Dank Budz!


To a creative, collaborative community, one filled with thinkers and doers.

It’s no longer a mystery that cannabis is far more than a pastime for stoners or an innuendo from movies and cartoons from the seventies.

What makes cannabis even more enjoyable? It’s a community of equally zealous enthusiasts who are curious to explore art, politics, society, business, and more in relation to the cannabis industry.

We’ve done our part in living the lifestyle and doing the research on cannabis and CBD. But, in searching the web, we weren’t totally convinced there was a place for like-minded cannabis enthusiasts to go for news, trends, reviews, and more. So, we created a site just for us, all of us!

The Dank Budz Team Mission

At Dank Budz, our mission is to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates the diverse world of cannabis and its vast potential. We strive to be a trusted resource for cannabis enthusiasts, providing accurate information, engaging content, and high-quality CBD products and merchandise. Through advocacy, education, and collaboration, we aim to break down stigmas, promote responsible use, and foster a deeper understanding of the many benefits this remarkable plant has to offer. Together, we’re elevating the cannabis conversation and empowering individuals to make informed choices for their health and well-being.

Our Focus: What Drives This Project

At Dank Budz, we’re guided by a set of core values that shape our every action and decision. These are our pinky promises to ourselves and to you.
  • Self-Sustained Passion From the very beginning, we've been self-funded, ensuring that we can build our vision the way we want. We're dedicated to preserving our independence and will always update you if anything changes.
  • Wellness & Balance We totally get that health is the real MVP, and that's why we put it front and center. Our dedication to content and product development is all about championing a harmonious lifestyle by tapping into the awesome power of cannabis for overall health and well-being.
  • Continuous Improvement We know that the world of cannabis and online research is ever-evolving, so we're always eager to learn and adapt. As we gain new insights, we level up and work towards creating even more amazing content. Nobody's perfect, but hey, that's what makes the journey exciting, right? Onward and upward!
  • Innovative Creativity We're all about nurturing a vibe that sparks creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. We're like mad scientists, always on the lookout for the latest tech and innovations to whip up practical solutions for the ever-shifting world of cannabis. By keeping our finger on the pulse of change, we ensure that our brand stays fresh, funky, and ahead of the curve!
  • Community & Connection We nurture a strong sense of unity and community by engaging with people daily and advocating for responsible cannabis consumption, inclusivity, and education. Together, we're creating a thriving network of like-minded enthusiasts.

Dank Budz aims to infuse fun and delight into everything we create, mirroring the joy cannabis has to offer.