Quiz: What Cannabis Consumption Method is Best for Me?

Quiz: What Cannabis Consumption Method is Best for Me?

Welcome to the world of cannabis! If you are a beginner, you may be curious as to the best way to consume marijuana. Odds are, you may have some familiarity with cannabis, whether it be through friends, family, or what you see in movies and TV.

When you are just entering the dynamic world of cannabis, your choices may feel overwhelming. You have numerous factors to consider, such as level of discretion, needed cannabis accessories, dosage amounts, activation time, and which product will provide the best overall experience. So, how will you be able to decide? By taking our cannabis consumption method quiz!

This quiz will guide you through various questions and situations designed to help you find the consumption method that best fits you. But first, let’s discuss why there are so many choices, and why the choice you make is so important.

So Many Cannabis Consumption Choices

Consumption Methods

For newer cannabis consumers, the sheer amount of consumption methods available is impressive – and can be a bit overwhelming. With the continued movement to accept cannabis and the resulting growth of high-quality dispensaries, the ways in which cannabis can be consumed have been expanded and perfected. By now, decades have been spent conducting research and making product adjustments to demonstrate the versatility of cannabis.

In addition, cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries and continues to present exceptional promise when it comes to treating a variety of symptoms and conditions that impact physical, mental, and emotional health. The diversity of its applications has also lent a hand to the increasingly diverse methods of consumption available to modern cannabis users.

For example, the traditional method of consuming cannabis is to smoke it, and it remains the predominant method people think of today when they consider cannabis use. This is likely due to media depictions of rebellious teens sneaking a joint in their basement or ripping a bong at a party. While this method of consumption is definitely still popular today, it doesn’t work for everyone. Individuals with a history of asthma or a health condition that affects their lungs would not benefit from this method of consumption. Instead, they may best benefit from edibles, tinctures, or topical treatment.

Whether you are looking for the medicinal benefits of cannabis or you simply enjoy recreational use, you now have unparalleled access to a larger variety of products than ever before.

Best Way to Consume Marijuana for Beginners

There are a variety of consumption methods that are great options for beginners — they’re relatively straightforward, easy to learn, and don’t require many additional tools or accessories. Beginner-friendly consumption methods are also typically easier to control than more advanced methods. In other words, they provide easier access for beginners who are learning how cannabis affects them, the dosages they are most comfortable with, and the effort necessary for preparation, consumption, and cleanup.

A few popular consumption methods that hit all these marks for beginners include vaping, smoking, edibles, and topicals. With minimal tool requirements, simple techniques, and an overall shallow learning curve, these methods can be a great entry point for cannabis newbies.


Vaping is an increasingly popular choice among newbies and experienced consumers alike. Keep in mind: when it comes to discretion, vaping is right in the middle. Cannabis vapors, not smoke, exit your body on exhale. Due to the flavorful options provided by vape cartridges, this vapor is often pleasant, but it’s not welcome in all shared spaces.

Vaping cannabis makes it easier to control your dosage than smoking, but it isn’t as simple to control as other methods like edibles and topicals. Most vape pens either work by the push of a button or even as you draw in to inhale. This means you control how much you breathe in, and you can gauge your reactions by the nearly-immediate effects.

Vape cartridges are also available in a wide variety of strains, potencies, and flavors. From sweet, dessert-like strains to earthy and herbal, most dispensary vape menus have something for everyone. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to choose from a few control levels, battery options, and temperature settings, but most are designed with beginners in mind.

Smoking Flower

Smoking Flower

In this category itself, there is a wide range of options, with the most popular being various types of hand pipes, water pipes, or joints. While this method involves more “gear” (unless you’re opting for pre-rolled joints or cones), the preparation process in itself can be enjoyable and relaxing.

A few tools to consider include:


From your classic hand-powered grinders to advanced electronic, automatic options, it’s always great to have a grinder on hand if you intend to smoke flower. Grinders are designed to break down the buds without losing any flavor or potency due to hand contact. Grinding also ensures your cannabis is spread equally to prevent overburning and eliminate waste. If you plan on rolling joints, grinding helps make the process easier.


A critical step is igniting the cannabis flower to inhale the smoke. While there are plenty of fancy options out there, even the most simple lighter will do. Matches can do well in a pinch if you’re lighting a joint, but they aren’t as effective for pipes or blunts. 

Rolling Papers

If you’d prefer the experience of smoking a cannabis cigarette, try a joint. Rolling papers are available in a variety of sizes and flavors, and rolling joints can be a great preparation phase for those who like to work with their hands. It may take some practice, but there are amazing tutorial videos available online. Not only is this a great method of consumption for beginners and beyond, but it can be a work of art in itself. 


From a small pipe that can fit on a necklace to a large pipe even Sherlock himself would envy, pipes are a work of art. Typically made from blown glass – but also available in ceramic, stone, or even silicone – you are truly purchasing and consuming cannabis from a piece that’s made with love and precision. Simply load your ground flower, light it, and inhale. Pipes are ideal for personal use, from beginners to cannabis experts.


Also known as water pipes, these devices rely on the power of water to make inhaling cannabis smoke smoother and more enjoyable. They’re ideal if you’re looking to consume more in one setting or looking to enjoy your cannabis in a social setting. Bongs are also often crafted pieces of art that can range in size, color, shape, and special features, but they all feature a bowl for ground cannabis, a long stem, and a reservoir to draw the smoke through.


You’ll find edibles available in a variety of tantalizing options, such as chocolates, brownies, gummies, mints, and even beverages.

Edibles are clearly labeled on each package regarding dosage amounts, total cannabinoids per package, potency, and more. They are also often easy to divide into smaller doses if needed. The key thing to remember with edibles is their activation time. Since they must be digested before the various cannabinoids can reach your bloodstream, the effects can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to set in. Activation times can vary depending on how much food is in your stomach, your metabolism, the product involved, and more.

You’ll want to start with a low dose to see how it feels and be patient when waiting for it to take effect. For most individuals, edibles provide the longest-lasting experience. While there are no serious consequences from consuming too much at once, the experience is much more enjoyable when you are comfortable.



Note, although tinctures are taken orally, they are technically not considered an edible as they are more of an extract. Tinctures can be eaten with food or added to a drink as they are oil based products. However, they can also be taken sublingually, which means placed under the tongue for absorption. When taken sublingually over ingested, the extra goes right into the bloodstream rather than waiting for the body to digest the oil that was consumed orally.


Topicals are ideal for localized relief, as the associated cannabinoids cannot cross into the bloodstream unless they are specially treated with encapsulation technology. Topicals can provide localized relief for muscle or joint pain and can help alleviate headaches and tension when applied to the appropriate part of the body. Most topicals look like cosmetic containers and jars and are perfect for on-the-go relief.

Let the Journey Begin!

Congratulations on discovering the cannabis consumption method that fits your lifestyle. As a beginner, there is no reason to feel uncertain or nervous – there are plenty of resources on the Dank Budz blog as you begin your cannabis journey. We love helping beginners find comfort and answers; just remember to start with a low dosage, listen to your body, and have fun. Happy consuming!

Quiz What Strain is Right for Me

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