How to Clean the Boundless Terp Pen

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In the ever-expanding universe of cannabis products, there are an increasing number of innovative devices that can improve your experience of enjoying cannabis. One of these devices is known as a terp pen, and the most popular example is the Boundless Terp Pen. Known for its simple design, efficiency, and low price tag, the Boundless Terp Pen is a compact portable vaporizer that allows you to consume cannabis concentrates, like wax, shatter, and rosin.

In this blog post, we will share everything you need to know about why this terp pen is rising to stardom and how to clean the Boundless Terp Pen for the ultimate vaping experience.

Why Use a Terp Pen?

Also known as a dab pen or a wax vape, a terp pen is a portable cannabis device that vaporizes cannabis concentrates with the use of a small ceramic coil powered by an internal, rechargeable battery. This portable device is small and relatively slim, especially compared to traditional cannabis concentrate devices like dab rigs, and is much easier to use. In addition, you won’t need any inconvenient accessories.

All you’ll need to do is ensure your device is powered on and you have your preferred concentrate at the ready. Then, simply dip the end in the concentrate, inhale, and enjoy. These minimal requirements make these pens the preferred choice for many cannabis concentrate aficionados who are seeking a portable, mess-free dab on the go.

Risks of Using a Dirty Terp Pen

The only other major consideration when using a terp pen like the Boundless Terp pen is keeping it clean. Regular and efficient cleaning of your pen is essential for making sure it lasts a long time and does not malfunction. It is also important that you do not put your health and safety in danger by continuing to use a dirty pen.

If you do not effectively clean your terp pen on a regular basis, you can risk some negative effects, like:

  • A reduction in flavor – You invest your hard-earned money into your cannabis products, and you want them to boast that signature cannabis taste when you consume them. If residue builds up in your pen as a result of a lack of cleaning, then you can expect a stale, burnt taste to eventually emerge.
  • Clogging – If residue builds up in your pen, the flow of air can be restricted. Clogging can result in less effective pulls, draining the battery and even hampering safety features.
  • Overheating – Clogging and residue buildup can also cause your terp pen to overheat. As a result, your pen can be a fire hazard if you use it too long without cleaning. In worst-case scenarios, it can even leave you with burns.
  • Ingesting contaminants – If you do not clean the mouthpiece of your terp pen regularly, you are risking inhaling bacteria and other contaminants that can make you sick.
  • A shortened life span for the device – A dirty pen can lead to excessive wear and tear and cause damage to key elements, as mentioned above. This can eventually shorten the terp pen’s life span. On the other hand, if you clean your pen regularly, it should last a long time, saving you the time, money, and effort needed to purchase a new pen.

What Are the Parts of a Terp Pen?

If you want to learn how to effectively clean your terp pen, you’ll first need to understand the parts that make up the pen and which of them come apart for cleaning.

What Are the Parts of a Terp Pen?

  • Mouthpiece – The mouthpiece is one of the most important parts of your terp pen to keep sparkling clean. As the name implies, this is the part of the device that you will put your mouth on to draw and inhale the vapor. Cleaning the mouthpiece can prevent clogging and keep your cannabis experience free from contaminants and poor taste. Also, share it with other people at your own risk.
  • Magnetic Cap – Although you might only use the cap when your terp pen is going back into storage, it’s important that you work on keeping it clean as well. This magnetic cap is perfect for helping to keep the mouthpiece clean in between uses.
  • Battery – One of the most important parts of your pen is the one that keeps it powered on in the first place: the battery. While the Boundless Terp Pen does not have a replaceable battery, and it cannot be taken apart so that you can clean it, you can use a dry cloth to wipe the outside of the battery compartment.
  • Body – The body of a Boundless Terp Pen is made out of stainless steel and plastic. This part houses all of the internal components within your device, like the wiring, electronics, and the connectors that facilitate heating. While you can’t disassemble the body, you can keep the outside free from grime.
  • Heating Element – Another critical component of your terp pen is the heating element, which is a ceramic coil that, when fed electricity by the battery, creates a heating chamber. This is where your cannabis concentrate is heated so that it can become vaporized and is an important component to keep clean.

How to Clean The Terp Pen

Now that you understand how important it is to clean all of the parts of your Boundless Terp Pen and what parts make up your device, we can finally dive into how to go about keeping it clean and spotless for a premium experience.

Follow these steps to keep your terp pen clean:

Step 1: Turn Off Your Device

You need to make sure your terp pen is disconnected from any power source before you start cleaning it. This will help keep you safe during the cleaning process and prevent any accidents or damage.

Step 2: Take the Terp Pen Apart

Depending on your specific model, you may be able to disassemble your device at varying levels. For most Boundless Terp Pens, that means removing the coil, cap, mouthpiece, and sheath and placing them on a paper towel.

Step 3: Get Rid of Residue

Using a small brush, cotton swabs, or a small, dry cloth, wipe the outside of the battery compartment. Then, wipe away any residue from the heating element as well as any that lingers inside the mouthpiece. If there is significant residue, you may need to use the included small tool to scrape it away. Look carefully after this step to ensure you are not leaving fragments of paper or cotton on the pieces.

Step 4: Unclog Your Coil

Use the tool that comes with the Boundless Terp Pen to gently clean the air holes in the coil. Any concentrates lodged in these holes will continue to worsen and create clogs. You can reclaim this aptly-named excess product and add it to your next session, but it won’t have the same taste or aroma.

Step 5: Use a Cleaning Solution

Lightly dab the cleaning tool you are using in a cleaning solution like isopropyl alcohol. Then wipe down the coil, mouthpiece, cap, and the inside of the sheath again so that they will be disinfected. Do not use a cleaning solution on the battery.

Step 6: Look Closely for Damage

You might be tempted to put the device back together immediately after cleaning so that you can get back to vaping, but it is in your interest to do a close-up look at your pen before you go about putting all of the pieces back together. For example, you should closely look to see if there is any wear and tear on the heating element, the seals, or the O-rings. If there is any damage, you should hold off on using the pen and replace the components.

Step 7: Put the Piece Back Together

If you do not spot any damage or wear and you have finished cleaning all of the parts, you are good to go. You can now put all of the parts of your pen back together. Quickly test that it is working properly before you decide to take your next hit to preserve concentrate and keep yourself safe.

Tips and Tricks for an Extra Clean Terp Pen

Even if you intend to keep your terp pen clean, it can be easy to make some common mistakes or take some shortcuts that can negatively affect your experience. For instance, not cleaning often enough, using too much concentrate, and using harsh chemicals when cleaning the device can all lead to damage. To help you avoid such blunders, here are some extra tips and tricks so that you can get the most out of your terp pen use.

Tip 1: Use a Firm Concentrate to Prevent Clogging Your Device

Your terp pen should not become clogged on a regular basis, but if this should occur, you might want to change up your concentrate. To prevent frequent clogging, consider using a concentrate with a firm consistency, such as wax or shatter. Concentrates that are more liquid, like rosin, can have a higher tendency to seep into the coil’s air holes and create clogs. Concentrates like wax do not flow as easily, and they are less likely to cause frequent clogging.

Tip 2: Do Not Overload on Concentrate

It can be tempting to put a lot of concentrate into your terp pen, but less is actually more when it comes to keeping your pen in good condition. If you use small, controlled amounts of concentrate, you will be able to reduce the risk of clogs. As a bonus, you’ll conserve your favorite concentrate!

Tip 3: Store Your Terp Pen Somewhere Cool

If you leave your terp pen out in direct sunlight, you are exposing it to extreme temperatures, which can damage its components. For example, excess heat can lead to problems with the battery. When possible, store your terp pen in a cool, dry place away from sunlight to prevent this from happening.

Tip 4: Invest in an Air-Tight Container

For your ultimate protection, you should purchase an air-tight container for your terp pen. This will keep you safe from ingesting contaminants from the outside world that could contribute to annoying or dangerous residue buildup. If you store your terp pen in a dusty place, it can soon get dirty, creating an increased risk of clogs.

Tip 5: Do Not Clean Your Pen Right After Using it

While you might be tempted to jump right into cleaning the device immediately after use, it’s best to wait until the device cools, both for your safety and to preserve the integrity of your pen. If you disassemble your terp pen right after using it, the heating element will be hot, and you could risk burning yourself. You can also risk damaging the pen if you use cleaning solvent on the hot pieces. Instead, wait a little while and then come back to clean your pen after all of the parts have cooled down.

Tip 6: Clean After Every Few Uses

While there’s no need to completely clean your Boundless Terp Pen after every use, wiping the mouthpiece after every use and fully cleaning it after every few uses is a good starting point. You’ll be able to prevent clogs, ensure your pen is working effectively, and preserve the lifespan of your pen. Best of all, you’ll experience the taste and effects you’ve come to expect from your favorite concentrate.

A Good, Clean Cannabis Concentrate Experience

A Good, Clean Cannabis Concentrate Experience

At Dank Buds, we know how important device cleaning is to ensure you can safely enjoy cannabis products and protect your device investment. Cleaning the Boundless Terp Pen is an easy way to ensure your pen will last as long as possible and provide you with an excellent cannabis concentrate experience.

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