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Bloom Cannabis Brand

Dank Budz is committed to featuring nothing but the best brands on our cannabis blog – brands we know will meet the high standards of our cannabis community. It’s all a part of what truly makes Dank Budz a go-to resource for all things cannabis.

Part of that mission is our commitment to spotlighting brands as dedicated as we are to creating social change, especially within the cannabis community. We are thrilled to feature standards-changing brands Bloom and The 1937 Group. We chose these Cannabis brands because they do far more than create top-quality products consumers love – they also strive to support their community and enact real change.

The Bloom Cannabis Brand

As some of the original cannabis aficionados, the founders of Bloom have been making waves in the industry since they started creating cannabis products in 2014. Based out of Los Angeles, California, Bloom’s mission is to increase access to some of the highest-quality cannabis in the country via a range of creative, tech-savvy vape products. It makes sense, then, that the brand specializes in products that capture all the best experiential elements of smoking flower within a uniquely fun vape experience.

We love Bloom because its products cater to the full range of sensory elements within the cannabis experience. From enticing aromas and fantastic flavors to a variety of desired effects, each concentrate is carefully crafted to provide the best vape strains available on the market. To ensure an exemplary experience, Bloom created a unique distillation method focused on cannabis at the molecular level in 2015. By 2016, it had created Surf, a fully enclosed, disposable vape product. Bloom’s commitment to excellence has since helped the brand grow to become a well-known cannabis phenom.

In just a few short years, Bloom has built a powerful reputation as a cannabis innovator for its use of proprietary technologies to produce high-quality vape concentrates. From California, Bloom products soon became available in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts. In their pursuit to continue to deliver an exceptional customer experience across the nation – including here in Illinois – Bloom soon partnered with The 1937 Group.

1937 Cannabis Brand

1937 Cannabis Brand

If you are a Chicagoland cannabis connoisseur, you know just how far cannabis has truly come in the last few years, although elements of the past still exist. One of the formational events in United States cannabis history was, unfortunately, the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. This act served as the foundation for criminalizing cannabis on a federal level, and as we know all too well, many of its remnants still affect the cannabis community – and especially its BIPOC members – today. While the Act was packaged to protect US citizens, it was rooted in widespread racial discrimination, largely against the Black and Mexican-American communities.

The 1937 Group was thus named to serve as a reminder that this part of history should never be forgotten. The 1937 Group is a uniquely-positioned cannabis operation in the state, as it is one of a select few licensed operators that specialize in the cultivation, processing, infusion, transportation, and retail of cannabis in its various forms. As a social equity licensee just like Ivy Hall, The 1937 Group believes that good business practices must focus on equity, inclusion, and social responsibility and delivers ethically-minded cannabis products for all who choose to partake.

The 1937 Group’s every move within the cannabis space is designed to provide the brand with a means to give back to the communities most affected by the inequities in legislation and law enforcement that have led to increased rates of incarceration for cannabis products. As such, its “Grow Through Adversity” program aims to highlight and overcome systemic barriers that have negatively impacted economic opportunities linked to the War on Drugs. The program offers support and resources for individuals struggling with mental health disorders and works to reduce recurring violent offenses while increasing employment and business ownership within these communities.

With the brand’s commitment to improving local communities, increasing access to cannabis education, and supporting other BIPOC cannabis companies, The 1937 Group and Bloom are a natural pairing.

A “Bloom”ing Partnership

In April of 2023, Bloom announced its partnership with The 1937 Group. Bloom is a brand that is always looking for ways to make a positive impact on the cannabis community, and the work The 1937 Group does made the two a perfect fit. As Illinois’ first cannabis operation owned by BIPOC with full vertical integration, The 1937 Group’s partnership with a company helmed by immigrants and BIPOC like Bloom just made sense.

As a result of Bloom x The 1937 Group, Bloom’s most popular concentrates are now being produced at The 1937 Group’s premiere facility, located outside of Chicago. With the two brands’ closely-aligned values aimed at providing the best customer experience possible and extending the cannabis experience to all people, it will be exciting to see what this partnership brings in the future.

Changing the Way You Vape

Bloom Vape Carts

Bloom was founded with the desire to create a vaping experience unlike any other, which is one reason we at Dank Budz value this opportunity to feature both Bloom and The 1937 Group. Vaping has opened the doors for many people from all walks of life to enjoy cannabis in a way that is at once discreet, sophisticated, and effortless.

Bloom has extended that experiential quality by melding new innovations with the old-world comfort of smoking cannabis flower. By developing and executing consistent formulas for their vape cartridges that would provide an experience as similar to the plant as possible and focusing on opportunity and social equity in cannabis, Bloom and The 1937 Group have created a vape experience that perfectly suits the Dank Budz mission.

Experience Bloom

At Dank Budz, we are about more than just selling our own CBD products. We carefully select brands and products to feature on our website in order to support companies creating change and taking pride in producing top-quality products. Bloom has demonstrated its commitment to providing top-of-the-line products for cannabis consumers, and its partnership with The 1937 Group has helped Bloom find a home in the Illinois market.

Bloom x The 1937 Group products are available in two major categories: Classic and Live Resin. Each line provides unique options that can appeal to a diverse audience of interested consumers. The Classic line began with the brand’s commitment to recreating the experience of smoking flower and is achieved by breaking down and recreating each strain on a molecular level for superior consistency. Live Resin products rely on fresh, never frozen cannabis and terpene extraction methods that give each strain character and complexity.

Some of the most popular products you’ll want to experience include:

  • Apple Fritter – With its sweet, earthy flavors and soothing effects, the Apple Fritter strain is a fan favorite. Users report it’s excellent for relaxing, hanging out with friends and calming stress.
  • Maui Wowie – For those who love citrus, this is a must try option. This uplifting strain is great for spending time outdoors, exercising, and tapping into your creativity. You’ll love the flavor notes of mango, coconut, and citrus, available in 5 g and 1 g sizes.
  • Pineapple Express – As a three-time Cannabis Cup winner, this is one of the most popular products Bloom creates. Wonderful for a day of exploring, the uplifting vibe enhances creativity and features flavorful notes of pineapple, cedar, and sweet tropical fruits.
  • King Louie – If you’re looking for king-sized relaxation and recovery, this strain is ideal. Available in 5 g and 1 g sizes, King Louie vapes boast classic pine, woody, and floral notes.
  • Grandaddy Purple (GDP) – Available in 5 g and 1 g sizes, this popular concentrate delivers a blissful high that is ideal for gaming, entertainment, and even getting some much-needed sleep. The delectable taste profile includes floral, earthy, and berry elements with notes of lavender.
These are just a few of the many Bloom products you can expect to find at a dispensary near you. Bloom x The 1937 Group will also be producing seasonal strains that are sure to impress.

The Bloom Cannabis Brand

Bloom Products

As you can see, there is far more to a quality cannabis experience supported by a burgeoning cannabis industry than the simple production of safe products. In fact, the preeminent proponents of this industry believe we are also responsible for providing key education, addressing social ethics, righting past wrongs, and changing the way cannabis is viewed in our society.

Brands like Bloom and The 1937 Group are leaders in demonstrating the very essence of what we feel the industry should be, which is why we are so proud to feature this brand.



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