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CBD Gummies

Gummies being used as more than just candy is nothing new. For years and years, households have kept jars of vitamin gummies in stock, along with the rest of the supplies in their medicine cabinet. So it’s not outlandish to consider other potential ways for gummies to help our health. One particular usage currently increasing in popularity is as a way of introducing cannabidiol, more often referred to as CBD, into our system. But what are CBD gummies, and how do CBD gummies work? Read on to find out the answers to all these questions and more.

Your Top Questions About CBD Gummies Answered

What Is CBD and How Is It Different from Weed?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural component of cannabis. However, unlike its better-known counterpart, THC, it has no psychoactive effects on the body. When people talk about weed, they’re generally referring to strains that are high in THC and low in CBD. In truth, there is a wide variety of strains with all sorts of different proportions depending on your needs. In some cases, there is almost no THC present at all.

Both CBD and THC have many medicinal uses. However, the side effects of THC, which can include delayed reaction time and trouble with coordination, may be undesirable, especially if you are looking for something you can use in your daily life or even at work. Products with a high concentration of CBD and a low amount of THC allow you to enjoy the benefits without impacting your ability to go about your day and operate normally.

How is CBD Used?

The short answer is that we are still discovering new uses for CBD every day. When CBD is introduced to the human body, it interacts with a series of receptors, including ones in control of producing vital chemicals like dopamine and serotonin.

Current uses for CBD include helping manage symptoms of mental health conditions, such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. It can also be used to address certain physical ailments, including inflammation, sore joints, and epilepsy.

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Why Combine CBD With Gummies?

Because of CBD’s ability to reduce pain, ease anxiety, and relax the body, there is a high demand for the product. Over time, multiple methods of introducing CBD into your system have been developed to accommodate for different people’s preferences and needs. Gummies are an obvious choice, considering their sweetness. Products made from cannabis tend to have a distinctive smell and taste that people don’t always enjoy. The flavor of gummies is strong enough to mask any unpleasantness from the cannabis, making the experience far more pleasant one.

Gummies also allow for ease when it comes to sorting out dosages. Many people are already used to eating one or two vitamin gummies a day as health supplements. Taking CBD infused gummies works in much the same way. You can control the amount of CBD in your body by controlling the number of gummies you eat at a time.

Finally, it’s important to point out that gummies are the preferred method when CBD is specifically being used regularly to treat chronic conditions via ingestion.

There are also CBD lotions and creams to help with topical issues and concentrates to deliver powerful dosages for more extreme situations, among other options.

What Ailments Can CBD Gummies Address?

While not potent enough to target severe conditions, CBD gummies can be an extremely useful tool in your daily life. Because they lack the THC needed to get you high, they are perfectly safe for consumption during the day. As such, you can take them with you to work and use them as needed to stay relaxed and focused on the task at hand. They are easy to transport and discrete, unlike other supplements. Outside of mental health-related issues, if you experience soreness in your muscles and joints, you can take CBD gummies for pain.

CBD gummies can also be the perfect right-before-bed treat. Helping yourself to a few gummies before you turn out the lights can guarantee you a peaceful, stress-free night of rest. Gone are the sleepless hours spent staring at the wall while you run over all the projects and responsibilities weighing on your mind. It’s just that simple.

How do CBD Gummies Work?

As briefly discussed earlier, different types of CBD products are best for different purposes. It’s logical that an issue on your skin could potentially be resolved with the application of CBD lotion, for example. As such, you might be wondering what actually happens when you ingest CBD. What do CBD gummies do?

When CBD is ingested, the effects are broadly distributed throughout your body. This kind of delivery makes ingestion the most appropriate method when trying to address more general, chronic issues, such as high levels of anxiety. The CBD targets both your mind and your body to promote overall feelings of relaxation.

You might also be wondering whether there are any potentially adverse CBD gummies effects. It’s true that some unwelcome side effects can be experienced, but they are relatively minor and only occur when massive amounts of CBD are ingested. Potential side effects include dry mouth, mild nausea, and fatigue.

What Is the Recommended Dosage?

How many CBD gummies should I eat? It’s a valid question. But unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. People have different levels of anxiety, different metabolic rates, and other such factors that can contribute to determining the appropriate dosage. While it’s not possible to overdose on CBD gummies beyond giving yourself a mildly upset stomach, they’re certainly more expensive than candy, and there’s no point in wasting them. It’s best to start small and then adjust accordingly as needed.

Depending on if you’re using the gummies to help you get your work done, or to get better sleep at night, taking one to two per day is a good way to introduce CBD gummies into your routine. After assessing the effects, you can take them more frequently or increase the amount taken at a time.

How to Take CBD Gummies

If you’re new to CBD gummies, you might be wondering if there’s any specific way they need to be ingested. Unlike capsules or pills, you don’t need to worry about swallowing them without chewing, taking them with food, or other such specifics. Once you’ve decided how many you’re comfortable taking at a time, you can simply eat them the same way you would eat regular, non cbd infused gummies.

Are CBD Gummies Really That Effective?

As helpful as background information can be, there’s a difference between reading about how something is supposed to work in theory, versus reading people’s genuine, real-life experiences. That’s why online reviews can be a fantastic resource when debating whether or not something is appropriate for you.

Can CBD Gummies Get You High?

If you’re new to CBD gummies, it’s natural enough to wonder if CBD gummies get you high. You might even be wondering, “Are CBD gummies legal?” Let’s start with that second question. At a glance, the legality of CBD may seem like a complex issue. After all, anything derived from marijuana plants is considered illegal on a federal level, though some states have opted to legalize recreational use. However, hemp, another member of the cannabis family, has levels of THC that are far too low to have any sort of psychoactive effects.

Products derived from hemp are legal in all 50 states. While it’s possible to extract CBD from a marijuana plant, it makes more sense to use hemp for when developing CBD products, as hemp has a much higher concentration of cannabidiol. As long as the products you’re using are made with CBD derived from hemp, they are perfectly legal.

This leads us right back to the first question. It’s a normal concern to have, but given that the CBD used in CBD gummies is derived from hemp, the amount of THC contained within them is less than 0.3% THC, which is not enough to get you high. This means that you’ll get all the benefits of CBD, with none of the psychoactive effects of THC.

Where Can I Get CBD Gummies?

Ready to take the next step? There are plenty of places that claim to offer CBD gummies for sale, but the quality and legitimacy of the products can be suspect. To ensure that you’re getting the best CBD gummies, it’s best to go to a trusted, well-reviewed source.

We sell only the highest quality CBD edibles, derived from all-natural industrial hemp plants grown in the USA. Our CBD edibles are third-party lab tested to ensure the highest standards of purity and potency, and can act as a great addition to your wellness regimen, providing a reliable, efficient, delicious, and portable alternative to other methods of CBD use.

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