Bud and Brew: Tips for Combining Cannabis and Coffee

Combining Cannabis and Coffee

One of the benefits to an increased acceptance of cannabis use is coming up with creative, innovative ways to incorporate it into different parts of your daily routine. From relaxing after work to experimenting in the kitchen, adding cannabis into your different routines can open up new routes for your experience with cannabis.

One of the best methods of incorporating cannabis into your routine is with coffee, and combining the two can be a lovely addition to your morning. This guide will help you find new cannabis and coffee tips, giving you the much-needed pep in your morning routine.

Benefits to Combining Cannabis and Coffee

Although stereotypically an unlikely combination, the benefits for combining coffee and cannabis can create a very productive, enjoyable high. Coffee, especially when discussing caffeine, is seen as a stimulant first. On the other hand, cannabis has a known reputation for making users slow, relaxed, and sleepy. So, what happens when these are combined? The biggest benefit of cannabis use combined with coffee surrounds the increase of cannabis’ effectiveness.

The psychoactive ingredient in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and high concentrations of this compound are what make users feel “high” when consuming cannabis. By activating more of your mind with caffeine, the more relaxed effects tied to cannabis use can be reduced and mitigated. In the same vein, the use of caffeine may help lower the amount of THC needed to make someone feel “high,” enhancing your experience and making you feel the stronger effects of your cannabis. [1]Justinová, Z., Redhi, G. H., Goldberg, S. R. Ferré, S. (2014). Differential effects of presynaptic versus postsynaptic adenosine A2A receptor blockade on Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) … Continue reading Overall, caffeine and cannabis go hand in hand, and the combination of both in your routine can help create a new way to enjoy your favorite strain.

Coffee and Cannabis

How Are Coffee and Cannabis Compatible?

Similar to a wine or beer pairing, different kinds of cannabis can be perfectly paired with coffees that share similar flavor notes. When it comes to coffee, different areas of the world produce different kinds of coffee beans with complex flavor profiles and notes. Known as the “coffee belt,” the different regions of the world able to grow coffee are concentrated around the equator, producing different beans with different flavor profiles.

For example, beans that come from Africa typically have more floral flavor notes, whereas more robust, earthier flavors are typically found in Asian coffee. [2]Starbucks Coffee Company. (2011).Starbucks Coffee Tasting Guide.https://globalassets.starbucks.com/assets/155ef189824c415ea81d7894ccaae6fb.pdf Just like the unique flavor profiles of regional coffee beans, different strains of cannabis have different flavor profiles.

One of the best ways to differentiate the flavor profiles of cannabis strains is to look at the kinds of terpenes in each type of cannabis. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that can be found in a variety of different plants, including cannabis. [3]Cox-Georgian, D. Ramadoss N. Dona, C. Basu, C. (2019). Therapeutic and Medicinal Uses of Terpenes. Medicinal Plants: From Farm to Pharmacy 333–359.https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-31269-5_15 Due to the high levels of terpenes in cannabis, cannabis and terpenes become intertwined, so discussions on flavor profiles and aftertastes of different kinds of cannabis are typically associated with the terpenes present in each strain.

When finding the right coffee pairing for different kinds of cannabis, knowing the kinds of terpenes in each strain can help create matching flavor profiles for your coffee-cannabis experience. Some wonderful flavor pairings include the following.

Citrusy Coffees and Citrusy Terpenes

Some of the most common kinds of terpenes are fruity or citrusy terpenes like limonene and myrcene. Coffee beans sourced from Latin America tend to have a more acidic, crisper taste that pairs perfectly with these citrusy flavors. When combined, the zestiness of the beans with the fruitiness of the terpenes in your cannabis create an exotic flavor profile good for any kind of coffee pairing.

Floral Beans With Floral Bud

Floral notes, especially concerning key terpenes like geraniol and linalool, help bring a subtle, flowery note to your cannabis strain. These delicate flavor profiles are light, airy, and create a more complex fragrant aspect in your cannabis. Throughout the coffee growing regions of the world, African coffees typically have more floral notes to them, and when paired with strains that have dominant floral flavor profiles, the two work beautifully with one another.

Herbal Brews Paired With Herbal Flower

For those looking for stronger, more bold pairings, piney terpenes and Asian-based coffees are a match made in heaven. Primarily displaying more piney notes, these terpenes come off as very herbal and natural. Asian coffees, due to their growing region, tend to have a more earthy flavor profile, whereas cannabis strains with more piney terpenes tend to have a similar herbal, earthy profile. When combined, both expertly complement each other to create a rich, down-to-earth flavor.

Different growing regions impact the flavor profiles of coffee beans just as the terpene concentration changes the flavor profiles of different cannabis strains. Coffee beans, because of elevation, soil type, and general weather conditions, have a wide array of flavors that impact their taste. Just like different fruits grow in various growing zones around the world, the same goes for coffees and cannabis. The similarities between coffee flavor notes and terpene aromas make pairing coffee and cannabis a perfect combination, open to a wide array of flavors to create and explore.

CBD Coffee

Tips for Combining Cannabis and Coffee

As new technology emerges, the different ways to consume cannabis have changed as well. Besides smoking cannabis, new ways of ingesting cannabis are constantly evolving, and the same goes for coffee preparation. Espresso drinks, cold brews, and trending coffee preparations are all some of the new and exciting ways that put a creative spin on coffee crafting. When combined, fun ways to consume cannabis and coffee are perfect together. The most interesting ways to create new flavor combinations include the following.


Cannabutter is not a new invention, and has been helping people create an ingestible method for cannabis consumption perfect for those who avoid smoking. The possibilities for edibles are endless, especially when involving coffee and coffee consumption. For example, cannabutter blended with chocolate to create an infused mocha syrup is the perfect addition to your morning coffee.


Tinctures are a simple way to add flavor and medicinal benefits to any meal or drink, especially coffee. Tinctures are typically made by soaking cannabis in alcohol, creating a highly concentrated way to ingest THC without smoking or vaporizing. Easily mixable into your drinks, tinctures are a great way to add cannabis into your coffee, either made at home or purchased on the go.


For some, the active effects of CBD are more appealing than full-blown cannabis use, and what better way to combine CBD and coffee than brewing the two together? CBD’s anti-anxiety, calming properties differ from the psychoactive effects of THC and make it the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee. [4]Bhattacharyya, S., Morrison, P. D. Fusar-Poli, P., Martin-Santos, R., Borgwardt, S., Winton-Brown, T.McGuire, P. K. (2010). Opposite effects of Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol on human … Continue reading One of the best brands for those seeking CBD-infused coffee is Hakuna Hemp Roast Coffee, which blends together water-activated hemp molecules with a beautiful medium roast coffee.

Prep and Pair

Coffee preparation

Coffee preparation goes hand in hand with cannabis consumption, and the methods surrounding both are very important to decide before combining together. A more full-bodied dark roast, depending on its origin and brewing method, will have a vastly different flavor profile than a lighter, less intense blonde roast steeped as a cold brew, which helps limit the acidity of the beans when compared to hot water preparation. For a smoother cannabis experience, it might be better to pair smoking cannabis with a cold coffee preparation, or for edibles like pastries and baked goods, hot coffee pairings will work extremely well.

For some, just a regular cup of coffee and a joint is the best way to pair together coffee and cannabis. However, for those looking to walk a bit more on the wild side, finding different ways to consume cannabis with coffee can open up an endless realm of possibilities concerning flavors and flavor profiles. There is nothing wrong with just a cup of coffee and some flower, but sometimes, creating a new routine can introduce you to some cool, innovative ways to enjoy your favorite things, changing your routine for the better.

What Strain Is Best for Coffee Pairings?

Choosing the right strain for your coffee pairing is extremely important to creating the perfect match. Between terpenes and strain type, the array of cannabis options available for your coffee pairing is seemingly endless. Depending on the roast, flavor profile, country of origin, and preparation method, creating the perfect coffee pairing starts with finding the right strain to guide you towards the perfect coffee preparation method.

Different strains can cause different effects in your body, and when combined with caffeine, the results can range from high-energy productivity to dreamy, focused working without the drowsiness. For example, the majority of cannabis users report preferring sativas for their energetic effects and indicas for their relaxing qualities. [5]Sholler, D. J., Moran, M. B., Dolan, S. B. Borodovsky, J. T. Alonso, F., Vandrey, R., & Spindle, T. R. (2021). Use patterns, beliefs, experiences, and behavioral economic demand of indica and … Continue reading

Therefore, blending a sativa with caffeine could heighten the high-energy results of the strain, giving you enough energy to get through your day without consuming copious amounts of caffeine. For those looking to tap into a more relaxing yet non-drowsy pairing, smoking an indica alongside your morning coffee can help you relax without the sleepiness brought on by more indica-dominant strains.

Hybrid strains, on the other hand, might be a more balanced type of cannabis to pair with coffee. Depending on what strain is more dominant in the hybrid, the effects and interactions with the caffeine in your coffee will be different. As mentioned above, sativa-dominant strains seem to have a more energy-boosting effect, and when paired with caffeine, can provide an alternative to increased caffeine consumption. Indica-dominant hybrids, because of their more soothing effects, may help ease the negative effects of consuming caffeine like jitteriness or uneasiness.

Coffee and Cannabis: The Perfect Pairing

Whether you like a warm cup of black coffee or an iced latte, the possibilities for combining your favorite coffee with your favorite strain are endless. Crafting the perfect coffee pairing starts with finding your favorite strain, and regardless of what kind of cannabis you consume, you can be sure that there is a coffee that perfectly complements that kind of cannabis.

Finding your right strain is key to this process. We created a comprehensive quiz that helps determine which strain is right for you, taking into account what kind of high you prefer, along with other feelings you would like to avoid during your cannabis consumption. Before you make your next cup of coffee, find out if incorporating your favorite strain into your daily outline can help make your morning right.


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