Weed Storage Box: A Necessary Accessory

Weed Stash Storage Boxes

Do you need a place to safely store your cannabis and smoking accessories and keep them neatly tucked away when you don’t need them? An attractive and discrete system for storing your cannabis can help enhance your privacy, protect your stuff, keep children and pets safe, and avoid judgmental side-eye when your in-laws visit. Properly storing your cannabis can even keep it fresher tasting and keep it potent for longer.

Defining the Weed Stash Box

A stash box, broadly speaking, could be any container used to keep something hidden, or at least inconspicuous. When it comes to weed stash boxes, there are actually a wide variety of types and cool functions.

“You Put Your Weed in There”

In the vintage 1990s era of the popular comedy TV show Saturday Night Live, comedians made their careers on the backs of recurring characters and memorable catchphrases. Rob Schneider, who would go on to famously support Adam Sandler in a number of films, had a long-haired, tie-dye clad character who worked in a gift shop full of cultural artifacts and valuable antiques. As Schneider listed the selling points of each product — a carved chest, a fertility statue, a wooden ceremonial mask — he inevitably came to the same coup de grâce for each piece: “You put your weed in there!”
It was a silly bit, and most of the comedy relied on a stereotype that seems limp and lazy by today’s standards, namely the idea that cannabis users only ever care about cannabis. Like any memorable comedy, however, the sketch was rooted in something relatable. In this case, it’s the fact that there really are an almost limitless number of objects you can “put your weed in!”

Typical Features of a Cannabis Storage Box Include:

Incognito Mode

In an era where cannabis acceptance is still evolving, discretion becomes crucial. A stash box often masquerades as an everyday object, with a book featuring a hollowed-out interior being a classic example. This unsuspecting book, along with its secret contents, can then be inconspicuously placed on a bookshelf, merging effortlessly with its surroundings.


Size matters when it comes to selecting the right stash box. For most users, a compact box, no larger than a shoebox, is ideal. This size is perfect for storing your essentials without taking up too much space, making it a practical option for both home and travel use.


Security is a significant concern in the realm of cannabis storage, especially for those cohabiting, living with children, or simply valuing their privacy. This brings lockable stash boxes into focus. Offering an extra layer of protection, they ensure your cannabis products remain inaccessible to others. These lockable boxes usually feature key or combination locks, and their design often mimics common household items, providing discretion while blending seamlessly into your home decor.


A stash box isn’t just functional; it can also be a visual delight. If your stash box is going to occupy a prominent spot on your shelf or frequently make appearances, it should be aesthetically pleasing. From minimalist designs to intricate patterns, the market offers a myriad of options to suit your personal style and decor.

Airtight Lid or Seal

Preserving the quality of your cannabis is critical. Hence, it’s essential to prevent moisture from entering or escaping your stash box. For this purpose, a stash box with an airtight lid or seal is a great choice. Alternatively, a non-sealed stash box housing a smaller, airtight receptacle for your bud could work too. Even minor fluctuations in moisture can significantly impact cannabis quality.

In the context of cannabis storage, a “stash box” is precisely what it implies – a container used to safely and discreetly store your cannabis and related accessories between uses.

The Fine Art of Storing Cannabis

Weed Storage

For cannabis enthusiasts, choosing, utilizing, and collecting cannabis accessories can be a very important and enjoyable part of the overall marijuana experience. Whether you’re naming a beloved pipe or staying loyal to your favorite brand of rolling papers, or just choosing a lighter with a design you like, cannabis users are no strangers to accessorizing their kits.

Whether you’re into packing bowls, rolling blunts, vaping, dabbing, or prefer to have an assortment of cannabis accessories on hand, one of the key parts of your setup will be the container, (or system of multiple containers) that you use to organize, carry, and store all of it. This is your stash box.

Your stash box can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. For example, a pocket-sized watertight box that holds a couple of pre-rolled joints, some loose bud, and a few extra rolling papers might be perfect for a sportsman on the go. Meanwhile, a homebody cannabis connoisseur with ample free space and a collection of prized water pipes might have an entire shelf instead of a stash box. It all depends on your lifestyle, what you need to store, and your personal aesthetic. The boundaries of what constitutes a stash box are only limited by the amount of space and resources you’re willing to devote to storing your weed.

While your stash box doesn’t have to be a wall safe hidden behind a renaissance painting or anything so elaborate as that, security, discretion, and “cool factor” are all definitely elements to be considered.

To Stash or Not to Stash: The Benefits of a Dedicated Stash Box

You might wonder, “Why do I need a stash box when I have dresser drawers, pockets, old jars, and countless other potential cannabis storage spots?” Here’s what a proper stash box offers that these alternatives fail to deliver.

Odor Control

Cannabis is known for its potent, distinctive aroma, a feature that scientists continue to study. One of the fundamental functions of a high-quality stash box is to contain this strong smell, allowing discreet transportation of your cannabis. As cannabis enthusiasts, we appreciate the rich, terpene-laden scent of raw cannabis flower. But, carrying your stash in a paper bag to a Thanksgiving dinner might raise eyebrows when the family starts questioning if it’s a skunk, not a turkey, that’s cooking.


A stash box brings convenience to your cannabis lifestyle. It keeps all your marijuana-related items in one compact, self-contained box that can easily fit into your pocket, purse, backpack, suitcase, or car trunk. This portability makes it an ideal companion for both local commutes and long-distance travels.


Many stash boxes come with built-in locks or provisions where a lock can be added, offering an additional layer of security. And while traditional locking security safes can function as stash boxes, having a dedicated, lockable stash box adds a touch of personalization and convenience to your cannabis storage.


A good stash box doesn’t just help control odor; it also provides a discreet storage solution for all your cannabis-related items. While some stash boxes sport overt cannabis-themed designs, others are subtly attractive, with no explicit references to cannabis.

DIY Cannabis Stash Containers

So now that we know what we need our stash box to do for us, let’s get into DIY mode and dive into those creative stash box ideas. Here are some of our favorite starting places for recycled and upcycled stash boxes:

Lunch Box

Lunch box kits are excellent for storing your cannabis essentials. They often come with individual sub-containers. The air-tight, sandwich-shaped container can store a good amount of bud, a thermos lined with a soft material can safely hold a large glass pipe, and there’s enough room for other accessories.

Lunch Box

Old Book

If the idea of a hidden compartment in an old book appeals to you, pick a book that you’ll never want to read again. Public library book sales often have thick, outdated titles at low prices. Open the book about a quarter of the way and use a sharp precision knife or razor to cut out a large rectangle from the remaining pages, almost reaching the back cover. This makes a perfect hideaway for your cannabis, especially if you epoxy or lacquer the interior to keep the pages from flopping around.

old book

Deodorant Container

Once your deodorant is used up, the empty plastic rectangle can be repurposed as a storage container. The residual deodorant smell can help mask the marijuana odors, but it could also seep into your bud. So, ensure you wash it thoroughly before transforming it into a stash box.

Deodorant Controller


If you want a super-secret stash container that won’t arouse any suspicion, should it fall out of your bag, hairbrushes of the large, cylindrical style sometimes have an end cap on top that can easily pop off. This gives you room to store whatever you’d like inside the main body of the brush. Pliers or a pocket knife may be necessary for working this end cap out the first few times.


Vintage Jewelry Boxes

Vintage jewelry boxes, with their compartments of various sizes, can make excellent stash boxes, especially if you have different types of accessories to store.

Vintage Jewelry Boxes

Cigar Box

While it may not offer much scent blocking, a vintage cigar box is a favorite for obvious reasons. If it’s suitable for storing tobacco, it’s likely decent for storing cannabis too.

Old Electronics and Packaging

Consider dead electronics with plastic casings. Components from items like a portable cassette player, a VHS tape, or a handheld video game can be hollowed out and repurposed as incognito stash boxes.

Old VHS Cover for Weed Storage

Thermos Flask

Instead of a hairbrush, consider using a thermos flask. These containers are often designed to be airtight and odor-proof, making them an excellent option for storing cannabis. Plus, their common appearance makes them an inconspicuous choice for a stash box.

Cigar Box for Weed Storage

Remember, the best DIY stash box is one that suits your needs and reflects your personal style. Happy crafting!

Buying a Quality Weed Storage Box

While making your own clever stash box by recycling some other object can be fun and rewarding, it can also be a lot of work. If you need a beautiful stash box that’s high end but under the radar (and you want it now without a lot of drilling, sanding, and waiting for epoxy to dry) check out a full line of stash boxes.

Book Stash Boxes

On Amazon you can find elegantly crafted false books with built-in locks or magnetic clasps. These stash boxes come in various designs, such as Alice in Wonderland and even The Holy Bible (no one will ever look there, lol), seamlessly blending with your collection of actual books while offering a hidden storage space for your cannabis.

Locking Stash Boxes

Locking metal boxes are a versatile option that matches any decor. They offer ample storage space and an added layer of security, ensuring your cannabis and accessories remain safe and private.

Wooden Stash Boxes

Wooden stash boxes, particularly those with classic bamboo and pine finishes, bring a timeless elegance to your cannabis storage. These boxes can be a stylish addition to your decor while keeping your stash organized and safe.

Fingerprint Lock Stash Boxes

For advanced security, consider a stash box that opens only with your fingerprint. Fingerprint technology is one of the most reliable forms of electronic ID verification currently used in consumer electronics, offering a highly secure and convenient way to protect your stash. The bigger safe boxes also work well for storing big accessories, like glass bongs.

Wrapping Up: Store Your Weed with Flair

Storing Weed

Alright, budz, we’ve hashed it out, rolled it up, and sparked the conversation on all things cannabis stash boxes. We’ve dug into the nitty-gritty details – from defining what a stash box is to the fine art of storing your beloved green.

We’ve explored the world of DIY containers that, let’s face it, can sometimes end up looking like a high school craft project gone wrong (no judgment, we’ve all been there). And we’ve also delved into the realm of professionally designed stash boxes that scream “I’ve got my life together” or at least, “I’ve got my weed together.”

So whether you’re a casual toker or a seasoned connoisseur, remember this: your stash box isn’t just another storage container. Oh no, it’s a statement, a lifestyle, an extension of your personality. It’s that little corner of your world where functionality meets fun, security meets style, and cannabis stays as fresh as the day you bought it.

In the end, it’s all about enhancing your cannabis journey with a quality stash box that’s as unique and awesome as you are. So go ahead, embrace your inner bud enthusiast, find your perfect stash box, and keep things blazing with Dank Budz!

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published Jul 8, 2022 and has been updated February 23, 2024.



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