Keef Soda Cannabis Infused Drink Product Review

DankBudz_Cannabis Infused Soda Product Review

Love cannabis? Want to try something new? Keef Soda is a cannabis infused drink sold at marijuana dispensaries in Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico and Jamaica.

We talked with Tatiana about her favorite cannabis products on the market. One of her favorites is Keef Soda, a cannabis infused drink that is great to sit back and relax with. Check out her thoughts below!

As a Colorado resident, I have access to recreational cannabis dispensaries. Keef is actually from Boulder, Colorado. Back in 2011 the brand founder, Erik Knutson, decided he would make something new. We love this story from their site:

“Inspired by the notion of combining the fun, social, celebratory experience of drinking with the magic and joy of cannabis, Erik mixed up an early batch of “Keef Cola” and placed a prototype in front of his beloved Grandma Dee. (Because if an 85-year-old woman who’s never smoked cannabis in her life loves it, then they might just be onto something.) Dee opened the bottle and took a sip. And then another. That day, Keef was born.”

Keef Soda Review

Product Name: Keef Soda

Description: THC infused soda that comes in the following flavors: Root Beer, Original Cola, Orange Kush, Blue Razz and Purple Passion. Recreational Keef Classics contain one serving of 10 MG THC and medical Keef Classics are available in both 50 MG THC and 100 MG THC.

Where You Bought It: LivWell, Fort Collins, Colorado

What You Tried: Recreational Blue Razz, Classic Soda

Price: $6.00/per can

Why Did You Buy It? I love trying new things and this item just so happens to be one of my favorites.


The Review:

This was my first infused beverage and there are absolutely no regrets. After talking with a budtender about quality flower and what not I saw out of the corner of my eye ‘Keef Soda – Blue Raz’, and my mind was instantly intrigued. I am a huge fan of anything blue raspberry to begin with but now an infused drink…. I WAS SOLD!

I was told to not only enjoy it over ice, but to use ice cream and make a float. Once I got hope I poured my first can over ice and sat out on my patio with the sun beaming on my face. The taste was pure sweet heaven. There was not a strong THC smell or taste. The head high came in slow and just had me relax. The high lasted about 2 hours but it was not like an edible candy high, it was just a chill, listen to music and sunbathe high. The next day I tried what the budtender recommended and got some ice cream and made a float. This was AMAZING! Talk about the perfect summer drink. If you are having an adult part, I highly recommend picking up these for your guests! I make sure that every time my husband and I go to the dispensary that I pick up a can or 3, LOL.


Pros: Light head high, great taste, not a noticeable THC taste, carbonated just like a regular soda.

Cons: If you want a super intense high, this isn’t going to cut it.


Packaging: Sold in single cans… sorry no 6 packs (yet, I hope soon though!)


Would You Buy It Again: Yes, I buy these most times I visit the dispensary.


Tips or Suggestions: Try a Keef Soda Float! Just mix some vanilla ice cream with any flavor of the Keef soda you have available.


Where You Can Buy: Check out their website for a store locator:


We recommend that you try this alternative to alcohol and enjoy a new way to celebrate, have fun and enjoy life!



Chris Weatherall

I’m a kid at heart disguised as a cannabis researcher and business owner. I’ve always enjoyed providing insight in the form of reviews (anime, video games, etc.) So, when the cannabis industry took off, it sparked my interest in researching, reviewing, and chronicling all things within. When I’m not researching, I’m spending time with my family, riding my motorcycle, and finding new entrepreneurial pursuits.

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