Everything You Need to Know About the Proper Care and Use of Cannabis Vape Carts

Proper Care and Use of Cannabis Vape Carts

As the legalization and use of cannabis is becoming more commonplace in the US, frequent users are always searching for new ways to enjoy it. Cannabis flower, topical products, edibles, and even pet products have become a major part of the market. As the cannabis industry grows, the options for consumption are growing right along with it.

Vaping has been one of the most popular methods of cannabis use in recent years. With vape products, cannabis users are able to enjoy quick, convenient, and discreet access to their favorite cannabis strains wherever they go. Vape carts and pens provide reliable access to cannabis with plenty of options to help you capture the ideal experience.

Vape Cart FAQs

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While vaping is a great way to enjoy cannabis, navigating all of the available options can feel pretty overwhelming. Whether you are a frequent cannabis user who wants to broaden your horizons or you are brand new to the world of cannabis and looking to explore your options, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about using and caring for your cannabis vape carts.

Q: What Is a Vape Cart?

A: Cannabis vape cartridges, or vape carts, are small, glass cartridges that contain cannabis oil featuring a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. Most retailers offer carts in a variety of sizes, strengths, and strains. The majority of carts are available with either a half-gram or a gram of cannabis oil and they are able to provide a number of different cannabinoid concentrations.

Vape carts also offer a wide variety of strains, generally classified as indica, sativa, or hybrid to give you the exact effects you’re looking for. Recently, CBD carts have also been growing in popularity. If you’re looking for a full-spectrum experience, look for a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. Vape carts that primarily contain CBD are also on offer at many retailers.

Q: Why Do People Love Vape Carts?

A: There are plenty of reasons to love vape carts. Many cannabis users prefer using vape carts because they are compact, discreet and travel easily. Rather than having to tote a pipe or a sophisticated dab rig you can keep a vape cart in your pocket or purse to use whenever you need it.

Vape cart pens are also a great product because they are so easy to use. Most pens require minimal assembly and are extremely user-friendly. There are also plenty of disposable vape carts and pens, like the MÜV All-In-One, that require little to no prep at all.

Frequent cannabis users also prefer vape carts because they allow more control of your experience. Vape carts are crafted with precision, so that each inhale provides a perfect hit of cannabis. This way, it’s easier to predict how much you consume and balance the effects with your intended activities. When using vape carts you also feel the effects much quicker, so you’re able to enjoy your high sooner.

Q: How to Use Vape Carts?

A: The basic function of a cannabis vape pen is to heat up your chosen cannabis oil until it is vaporized. Once the oil reaches the point of vaporization you can inhale it easily.

Each vape device (“pen”, battery or system) is different, so make sure you are familiar with yours before use. However, most are extremely easy to use. Simply attach a vape cart to your fully charged battery and inhale. If your battery has an on/off button it will likely have to be pressed to turn the pen on prior to vaping. With others, you’ll just need to press the activator button until it lights up, then begin your inhale. Whereas, more and more vape devices don’t even need a button, simply inhale and enjoy!

Some devices, like the Boundless Terp Pen, offer various methods for consumption, including dabbing. Whatever your preferred method is, there is a vape device that can meet your needs.

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Q: What Is the Best Place to Buy Cannabis Vape Carts?

A: Not all vape cart products are created equal, so it is important to find brands and products that you can trust. We recommend reading reviews online and looking for a local dispensary that carries reputable brands.

Dispensary staff members are often incredibly knowledgeable about the cannabis products they offer and have recommendations for what you should try. Finding the products that work best for you is the top priority, so they are often willing to work with you to ensure you have a great experience.

Once you find a brand or product you love you may also be able to get your vape carts and other products online. Many dispensaries are now offering delivery, or at least online ordering for pickup, depending on your location. When you make an account with them online their system remembers your previous orders and some even allow you to rate them. This helps you track what you have purchased before and get easier access to the cannabis products you love.

Q: Do Carts Smell?

A: Vape carts rarely leave a cannabis scent, despite their high THC concentrations. Still, you can find plenty of cannabis vape carts that are available in a variety of flavors. Most of these do not tend to give off that traditional, potent, “weed” scent.

Depending which strains you prefer, it’s likely you can find carts in several popular flavors. If you have a specific strain you love, whether it’s indica, sativa, or a hybrid, you’re sure to find a vape cart that has what you are looking for. There are also cannabis vape carts available in sweet, fruity, or minty flavors. Find a vape cart in a strain you like, then search for a flavor profile that tastes great, makes you feel good, and won’t leave a harsh, lingering smell.

On that note, there are thousands of strains available, and finding the perfect one for you can be challenging. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out Strain Glossary. This is an awesome tool that will help you better understand the effects, flavors, and benefits of each strain available.

Q: How to Store Your Vape Cart Pen?

A: Proper storage for your cannabis vape cart pen is essential to make sure that it is functional for as long as possible. There are a few key things to remember when storing your pen.

Pay attention to storage temperature. The cannabis oil in your vape cart is natural and improper temperatures can cause it to go bad. Aim to keep your pen out of direct sunlight when you’re not using it. Vape cart pens function best when they are kept at room temperature.

If you have children or pets in your home it may be best to keep your vape carts and pen locked up and out of reach. This will ensure that your vape carts don’t get spoiled, but it also keeps them away from curious children or pets. Ease of use is a huge benefit of vape pens, but can be dangerous if kids get ahold of it. It’s always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Q: How Do I Safely Store Unused Vape Carts?

A: Just like with your vape cart pen, make sure your vape carts are stored out of direct sunlight and at room temperature when you aren’t using them. This ensures that the cannabis oil stays potent so you can enjoy it and experience the desired effects.

It is also recommended that vape carts are stored upright when you aren’t using them. This will help you avoid any unwanted leaks or drips that waste product and may ruin your bag or clothing. Purchasing vape carts from brands that you trust is also a great way to avoid leaking issues because the vape carts are sure to be both durable and manufacturer tested.

For safety and storage purposes, it is recommended that you remove the vape cart from your pen when you aren’t using it. In terms of safety, keeping a cannabis vape cart away from its battery prevents kids and other sensitive individuals from using its contents. This practice also helps to keep your pen running longer because the vape cart is not constantly draining the battery.

Q: Do Cannabis Vape Carts Fit Every Battery?

Cannabis Pods Fit Their Own Proprietary System
Cannabis Pods Fit Their Own Proprietary System

A: The short answer is no. Due to the variety of vape carts and vape pods available, the vape cartridge and the battery it works with will not always fit together. Most are designed to fit a 510 battery, but other specialty vape pods and carts require a coordinating battery- made for their own proprietary system. Also, some vape cart pens are disposable and the battery does not separate from the cart.

When looking for your ideal vape cart and battery combo it is important to think about what type of cartridge you are most likely going to want to buy and use. If a specific brand you like, for example, offers their own system, you might want to start with their battery. First, find the product you like. This will help you determine what kind of battery best fits your needs.

Q: If the Vape Cart Fits Will it Work With Any Battery?

A: Even if the cart fits the battery, it doesn’t mean it’ll work well. Vape carts do not always work with any battery due to the product itself and heat strength needed to properly heat it for vaporizing. A cheap or low strength battery will most likely not be able to heat a dense sauce cart enough to give you a nice hit, if any at all. When purchasing a new vape cartridge, ask your budtender what battery works best with the product. This will not only ensure that your vape cart works well for you, but will also keep you from wasting money on carts that don’t fit your battery.

Q: How Often Should I Charge the Battery in My Vape Cart Pen?

A: This is heavily dependent on how often you use your vape cart pen and what type of pen you have. Most disposable pens do not have rechargeable batteries, so when the cart is empty, they can be thrown away. However, I have been noticing now that most of them do come with the ability to recharge- just in case. If you are using a pen that does have a rechargeable battery, then its life will depend on your usage.

Casual users who enjoy their vape cart pen every now and again will likely enjoy a longer battery life. You may be able to go several days, if not longer, without needing to recharge your pen’s battery. If you are a frequent user who keeps your pen with you and uses it all day, however, it may be best to charge your vape cart pen every night while you sleep. This ensures that you have your pen with you whenever you need it throughout the day. Some frequent users also keep a spare battery with them in case their primary pen dies unexpectedly.

Q: How to Clean Your Vape Pen?

A: Cleaning and maintaining your vape carts and battery is fairly simple and can be accomplished with things you probably already have around the house. Since most vape carts and batteries are relatively simplistic in design, all you will need to focus on is the outside of the product. It’s important to keep the battery, the vape cart, and the mouthpiece itself clean so that it stays safe for you to use.

Most vape carts and batteries can be cleaned using rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes, cotton swabs, and paper towels. If you need to clean any piece of your device, you can simply take it apart, wipe it down with an alcohol wipe or cotton swab, allow it to dry fully, and put it back together.

It’s important that any visible residue is removed. Residue or grime on the mouthpiece can be dangerous because that is the part of your device that is in direct contact with your body. Any residue on or around your battery may also impact how your vape cart pen works. If the connection between the battery and the vape cart is blocked in any way, then the cannabis oil will not heat properly, preventing you from using it. When your vape is clean and maintained, it will be safe and work to its full potential.

Cannabis Vape Carts Offer Portability and Discretion

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Vape carts are just one more option that cannabis users have for accessing their medicine. Many have found that vaping is a preferable method for dosing due to the many benefits. One of which is the ability to administer a precise amount of medicine. If you want to micro-dose, for example, busting out a dab rig, concentrates and a blow torch isn’t exactly practical. And, if you’re trying to be discreet, smoking flower out of a bong or from a rolled joint isn’t exactly going to help you go unnoticed.

However, vape carts offer both ease of use and discretion since they don’t require combustion and won’t dispel a strong smell. Because of this portability and ease of use, we predict that vape carts will continue to grow in popularity with the cannabis community.



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