Goldleaf’s Cannabis Journal Collection Review

Goldleaf's Unique Cannabis Journals Collection
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Whether you’re a recreational enthusiast, medical patient, or an enthusiastic psychonaut, a cannabis journal is a great way to elevate your use. Maybe you’re a chef with a penchant for partaking, and you want to document your recipe experiments. Perhaps you’re a longtime medical marijuana patient managing a complex health condition, and you need to remember which cannabis products work best for your particular symptoms. Maybe you’re even a concerned pet parent who wants an accurate record of whether your CBD dog treats are improving your pooch’s health. In each of these situations – and many others – cannabis journaling can be a great tool.

Cannabis can be an enjoyable recreational activity and a soothing therapeutic experience for many adults, but it’s not all fun and games. Every time you light up, press that button on your dab pen or pop an edible supplement in your mouth, there’s a lot of science going on. You don’t need a Ph.D. to engage with that science on a personal level in a meaningful way that will reveal all sorts of information about your cannabis journey. All you really need is an inquisitive mind, some paper, and a pencil. Or better yet, replace the paper with a beautiful Goldleaf journal specifically designed for the job.

Why Do I Need a Cannabis Journal?

Cannabis journals can be more than simple notebooks where you jot down what you remember about your last smoke session. That being said, journaling – even cannabis journaling — is an extremely personal concept, so if you do want your journal to be full of loose narrative stories about your experiences rather than concrete data, that’s perfectly fine. Still, you’ll find you can effectively document your cannabis journey in many interesting and useful ways.

For the most dedicated cannabis journalists among us, a cannabis journal is an invaluable tool that allows you to keep track of the strains you’ve tried, record their effects, flavors, and aromas, and document the personal experiences you have with specific strains, products, or dosing methods. By performing some of these functions, a cannabis journal can indeed function a lot like a personal diary, but it also has the potential to go well beyond that. When used as a tool, a cannabis journey can help you recognize patterns in your cannabis use, identify your favorite strains and terpenes, track products with consistent therapeutic effects, and more.

Some of the most significant benefits of cannabis journaling include:

Personalized Documentation

Cannabis journaling provides a personalized approach to documenting your cannabis experiences. By consistently recording strain names, genetics, and detailed notes, you create a personalized database of information that helps you recall the strains you’ve most enjoyed and learn from your experiences.


Keeping a cannabis journal allows you to develop a deeper understanding of how different strains affect you personally. By recording the effects, including your mood before and after consumption, you gain valuable insights into which strains work best for you – not just in general, but for your own individual mental health patterns, whatever those might be. This helps you make informed cannabis use decisions in the future.

Become a Terpene Expert

With a cannabis journal, you can do a much better job tracking the flavors and aromas of different strains. This helps you identify specific terpene profiles you prefer, enabling you to refine your strain preferences and explore similar strains that align with your tastes and therapeutic needs. Writing everything down and reviewing it regularly will also help you learn to identify terpenes by scent much faster than you might without any personal reference material.

Customize for Niche Uses

As mentioned, cannabis journals can go well beyond basic strain documentation and usage reports. You might have a cannabis journal dedicated to tracking your cultivation efforts, allowing you to record growth stages, nutrient schedules, and environmental observations. Or you might have a cookbook-style journal formatted for capturing cannabis-infused recipes. Goldleaf offers cannabis journals for both purposes and several others, making them our go-to supplier for cannabis journaling of all sorts.

What Should Be in My Cannabis Journal?

At the end of the day, what exactly you record in your cannabis journal is up to you, as with any other journal you might keep.

Some commonly recorded items include:

  • Strain names
  • Effects
  • Aroma and flavor info
  • Duration of onset
  • Duration of the total effect
  • Any negative experiences or side effects

These are just some simple examples, and what each person puts in their cannabis journal can vary significantly. For example, if you’re journaling as a cannabis grower rather than as a smoker, your journal will be completely different: full of weather patterns, soil information, and growth rate data rather than describing the effects of your most recent bowl of OG Kush.

Goldleaf’s line of beautiful cannabis journals makes this part of the process much easier for you by offering pre-organized pages for seven highly specific uses. More on these below!

How to Find the Right Cannabis Journal

How to Find the Right Cannabis Journal

Now that you know the benefits of cannabis journaling, it’s time to find a journal that suits you. As with most other types of journaling, the options range from a blank notebook from the dollar store right on up to beautifully bound journals pre-formatted for highly specific purposes.

When selecting a cannabis journal to suit your individual needs, consider the following factors:

Layout and Organization

Look for a journal with a well-designed layout that accommodates the specific details you want to record. Do you want a highly structured layout or something with a more flexible and open-ended style? You’ll find different journal layouts to cater to various cannabis activities.


Remember that with all the great options available, you don’t have to sacrifice your style to find a journal that works for you. You’re sure to find plenty of options to choose from.

Quality and Durability

Journals, by their nature, get open and shut on a regular basis and are often traveled with as well. That means you’ll need to make sure the journal you choose is made of high-quality materials that can withstand the inherent rigors of journaling. Note: Goldleaf’s journals are known for their durable construction, making them ideal companions for any type of cannabis journaling journey.

Additional Features

Consider any additional features you might find useful, such as reference guides, strain recommendations, or educational content. For example, Goldleaf’s cannabis journals often include helpful diagrams, reference charts, and informative content that can enrich your cannabis knowledge and help you journal more effectively.

Reviewing Goldleaf’s Cannabis Journals

We hope you are getting as excited as we are about cannabis journaling. This brings us to the point of today’s blog: our in-depth review of Goldleaf’s extraordinary collection of cannabis journals. If you’re ready to elevate your cannabis experience and capture all your dankest moments with style and precision, these journals are the perfect companion.

With thoughtful designs and highly functional features, Goldleaf has created seven journal products to meet the diverse needs of cannabis enthusiasts. From tracking the strains you’ve tried, to cultivating your own plants, exploring cannabis-infused recipes, and even specifically documenting CBD experiences, Goldleaf has a journal for every aspect of your cannabis journey.

The Patient Journal

The Patient Journal

Our tester calls The Patient Journal by Goldleaf “a game-changer for medical cannabis users.” This comprehensive journal provides a structured format to track strain efficacy, dosage, and symptom relief. It also includes awesome features like infographics explaining the therapeutic effects of different cannabinoids and terpenes. If you are primarily using cannabis as a medicinal supplement, Goldleaf’s Patient Journal is an invaluable tool for optimizing your medical cannabis treatment.

Best Uses:

  • Monitor strain effectiveness
  • Schedule and track dosages
  • Track relief of specific symptoms
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The Grow Planner

We think Goldleaf’s Grow Planner is a must-have for both aspiring cannabis cultivators and those who already know their way around the farm. This journal offers a wealth of informative pages and useful templates to help you plan and track every stage of your grow. From germination to harvest, this comprehensive planner empowers you to cultivate your own cannabis with confidence and success with features like a feeding schedule, 16+ weeks of detailed grow diaries, and the ability to track your operation’s bigger picture with monthly and annual calendar pages.

Best Uses:

  • Plan and document your grow from end to end
  • Track nutrient schedules for optimal plant and soil health
  • Record environmental conditions and their effects
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The Cannabis Taster

The Cannabis Taster

If you’re like us, you love the varying flavor and aroma profiles cannabis can offer, and we think The Cannabis Taster journal is for the terp hounds out there. In fact, like cannabis itself, the journal is a true sensory delight for enthusiasts who appreciate the flavors and aromas of different strains. With sections dedicated to taste, aroma, and effects, this journal allowed us to savor and remember our favorite cannabis experiences with precision. Just don’t drool on the beautiful cream-colored pages when you’re re-reading it later.

Best Uses:

  • Record and compare the flavors and aromas of different strains
  • Explore terpene profiles and isolate your favorite tastes
  • Track your favorite growers and vendors
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The Cooking Journal

The Cooking Journal

Our tester loves infusing cannabis into culinary creations, and The Cooking Journal by Goldleaf is an absolute gem if that’s what you’re into. This journal offers a dedicated space to record and refine your cannabis-infused recipes, ensuring consistent, delicious results every time. In addition to the 36 beautifully laid out blank recipe pages, you get great supplement content with actionable advice for the kitchen, such as terpene pairing recommendations and a comparison of oils through the lens of cannabis infusion.

Best Uses:

  • Document cannabis-infused inspirations, recipes, and variations
  • Track of dosing and potency for responsible consumption
  • Record your culinary successes, as well as any lessons learned for next time
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The CBD Jotter

The CBD Jotter

If you’re using CBD for therapeutic purposes and aren’t into full-spectrum cannabis and THC, Goldleaf’s CBD Jotter is an excellent tool for getting the most out of your wellness routine. This journal allows you to track CBD usage, effects, and personal experiences, empowering you to optimize your CBD regimen and make informed choices.

Best Uses:

  • Plan and monitor CBD dosage
  • Track symptom relief and personal responses to different CBD products
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The Pet Jotter Journal

The CBD Jotter

The Pet Jotter Journal by Goldleaf is designed for CBD use with pets. It provides a structured format to track CBD dosage, pet behavior, and which products your furry friends respond well to. Please note that this journal is intended for CBD use only. Giving pets full-spectrum cannabis is strongly discouraged (and, in fact, can be prosecuted as an animal abuse crime in many places).

Best Uses:

  • Monitor CBD intake and its effect on your pet’s behavior
  • Document which CBD treats your pet finds most palatable
  • Track changes in pet health, behavior, or symptoms to share with your vet
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The Intimacy Journal

The Intimacy Journal

This was one of our favorite journals simply due to its willingness to tackle an aspect of cannabis use most publishers shy away from – cannabis and intimacy. The Intimacy Journal offers a unique approach to incorporating cannabis into your most intimate experiences that is both sensitive and fun. With helpful resources to enhance communication, exploration, and experiences, this journal allows couples and individuals to deepen their connection to cannabis in an entirely different way and explore the potential of cannabis to add a spark to their relationship. This one starts with a fun “profile page” to list your favorite turn-ons, toys, and other info and only gets better from there.

Best Uses:

  • Foster open and meaningful conversations about intimacy
  • Track experiences and preferences to enhance future fun
  • Reflect in a healthy way on the emotional and physical aspects of cannabis-infused intimacy
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Goldleaf’s Cannabis Journals: Well Worth It

Goldleaf’s Cannabis Journals are Well Worth the Price

Perhaps one of our favorite things about Goldleaf’s diverse collection of beautiful (and beautifully made) cannabis journals is the eye-popping price point. The entire range starts at around $20 per product. For the price of a few dispensary pre-rolls, you can get a great looking, great feeling book that will elevate every aspect of your cannabis journey, whether you’re an MMJ patient, a grower, a culinary enthusiast, a CBD user, seeking to enhance intimate experiences or just someone who likes to smoke cannabis. Each journal offers a range of practical features to help you document, track, and optimize your cannabis experiences with accuracy and style.

Another great way to enhance your cannabis journaling is to keep educating yourself so that you know more about different strains, cannabinoids, terpenes, and all things cannabis.



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