Fame, Fortune and CBD: Beyonce and Other Celebrities Who Endorse Hemp Products 

How Celebrity Influence Is Changing the CBD Conversation

CBD and hemp based products have become much more common in the last few years. A growing population of people has access to CBD products for their pain, mental illness, and cosmetic use, so the public is beginning to see how CBD and hemp might not be as scary as they thought.

It should come as no surprise that celebrities are no exception to this increase in CBD use. Several big names in Hollywood have come forward to talk about their use of hemp and CBD products for various ailments and issues. In the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, the queen Beyonce herself talked about her discovery and use of CBD products, stating she even has plans to build her own hemp and honey farm!

This means quite a bit for the CBD and cannabis communities. The more attention and press that these products get, the more normalized their use will become. And Beyonce is a huge part of the attention CBD is now getting.

Bey’s Formation

Beyoncé Announces Her Love of CBD and Plans to Build a Cannabis Farm
Beyoncé Announces Her Love of CBD and Plans to Build a Cannabis Farm. Image Credit:Instagram/Beyonce

There are basically zero examples of Beyonce not setting a standard. After all, she got the whole world to turn against her husband with a single album when he was formally one of the top rappers in the world. Then, when she forgave him, her fans followed suit. CBD use is like Jay-Z’s ultimate redemption. If Beyonce says it’s good medicine, then the rest of humanity has no choice but to agree.

Part of this has to do with Beyonce’s natural cool factor — when a person sees Beyonce doing something, they want to do it too (cue thousands of TikTok dances to Savage). More than that, though, her influence is so overreaching that she has automatically started a conversation about cannabis, just by mentioning it in a single interview.

This same conversation is what will allow skeptics to take CBD off of a pedestal and see it as the common household product that it is. By normalizing the conversation surrounding it, Beyonce has normalized CBD.

The Carter Empire

Though Beyonce Knowles-Carter and her family have incredible influence, one has to question the timing and motive behind this endorsement. After all, CBD has been around for a while now, so what does Beyonce have to gain by joining the cannabis conversation now?

The answer is likely her husband’s cannabis company. Late last year, Jay-Z announced the start of his new business venture: Monogram. Though the products are more focused on recreational cannabis than CBD, the latter is a great starting point for Bey to start the conversation. CBD is legal in far more places and can open the door for her to use her platform for other cannabis advocacy in the future if she wants to help her hubby out.

What Celebrities Own CBD Companies?

Beyonce isn’t the only celeb stepping up to the CBD plate. In fact, celebrities of all kinds have been either endorsing CBD use, or creating their own CBD product lines to add to their repertoire. Celebrity CBD brands are more common than ever, and they cover a whole array of different needs and demographics.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart CBD Products
Matha Stewart with her hemp-derived, cannabidiol-rich gummies, soft gels and oil CBD line. Image Credit: CNN.com

Lovers of autumn can rejoice, because legendary turtleneck-wearer Martha Stewart started her own CBD company in 2020. Her products come in gummies, oils, and drops, and claims to be the purest CBD on the market.

Though that last bit remains to be seen, it’s clear the influence that Martha has in this arena. While older generations may not be swayed by Queen Bey, they certainly might respond to the legendary homemaking icon that is Martha. She is among the only CBD endorsements of celebrities 80 and over, meaning that she has access to a new market for these products.

This is especially fortunate because individuals over 80 often stand to benefit from CBD use. Some potential benefits of CBD for seniors include:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Relief of arthritis pain
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced muscle spasms
  • Provides nausea relief during chemotherapy
  • Can help to prevent or reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

Unfortunately, many seniors don’t harness the power of CBD, because they link it with young people and illegal drug use. However, with a celebrity their age walking through the facts and figures, some seniors might begin to see how CBD can help them.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell CBD Line
Kristen Bell’s New CBD Skin-Care Brand Will Make You Do a ‘Happy Dance’. Image Credit: Allure.com

Described as the most “middle of the road” CBD, Kristen Bell has created a unique and perky branding for her hemp products. Her brand, Happy Dance, focuses mostly on skincare and bathtime products to enhance relaxation and end-of-the-day regimens. Interestingly, she doesn’t sell any CBD products that can be consumed, but rather only used topically.

This business strategy, combined with her unique position, gives Kristen Bell a unique place in the current celebrity CBD conversation. Where Beyonce talked about consuming CBD, and Martha attracts the senior crowd, Kristen Bell does neither one. Her demographic is better described as the average American. She is an easy-to-love celebrity who is known by many and disliked by none, giving her a sweeping influence.

The creation of a CBD line by this actress picks up the people who (somehow) remain uninfluenced by Beyonce. Kristen Bell creates approachable comedy rather than powerhouse albums, meaning her followers are likely a little more low-key than Beyonce’s (not that one can’t be a fan of both). The general public will listen to Kristen Bell, meaning that CBD has a relatable, girl-next-door advocate to get it into conversations.

Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong Cannabis and CBD Line
Tommy Chong’s CBD is a CBD company offering softgels, gummies, tinctures, and other CBD products. Image Credit: bellevuereporter.com

Of the celebrity-endorsed CBD and hemp brands, this one is perhaps the least surprising. Known for his work in Cheech and Chong movies, Tommy Chong has been bragging about his love for cannabis since the 1970s.

Similar to Martha Stewart, Tommy Chong appeals to an older generation that recognizes his influence from decades past. The seniors of today grew up in the 60s and 70s, many of which remember a time before the war on drugs made cannabis more than taboo.

Chong’s new line of CBD harkens back to that time, with the modern twist of legalization. CBD is not illegal in most places, so he is reintroducing the products to an audience who may have been scared out of cannabis for the past 50 years.

Even audiences who didn’t grow up in the counterculture can appreciate the legendary reputation of Tommy Chong, and are given the opportunity to marry their predispositions with his modern involvement with healing CBD products. His focus nowadays is healing properties, not stoned shenanigans. This shift in perspective is certainly impactful for those with their eyes on Tommy Chong.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian CBD Products
Kourtney Kardashian’s Anti-Aging CBD From Billionaire Tarik Freitekh’s Largest CBD farms Image Credit:  The Open News

It wouldn’t be an up-and-coming product if the Kardashians weren’t involved. However, unlike these other celebrities, Kourtney does not make CBD products, but rather simply recommends them for various reasons. Her website, Poosh, has tips on how to ingest, apply, or use CBD in a cocktail.

It’s no secret that the Kardashians have influence when it comes to public conversation. No matter what personal feelings one might have about the Kardashians, their social power is undeniable. By using that social power to talk about CBD products, Kourtney influences those looking for high-end, luxury experiences. Her followers tend to be wealthy and have the capacity to try new, cutting-edge products. Having CBD in this realm of conversation stands to move mountains when it comes to legislation and use by the elite.

Similarly, cannabis and CBD products aren’t traditionally seen as particularly elite substances. This puts some people at a disadvantage, as they aren’t exposed to CBD products that might alleviate some of their pain, anxiety, and depression. Kourtney’s ongoing conversation surrounding CBD ensures that all socioeconomic statuses are aware of the benefits of these products.

Travis Barker

Travis Barker CBD for Dogs and Cats
Drummer Travis Barker has launched vegan CBD tinctures for dogs and cats Image Credit: Barker Wellness

Similar to the connection between Beyonce’s advocacy and Jay-Z’s new business, there could be a tie between Kourtney’s increased CBD advertising and Travis Barker’s new CBD company. The two have been dating for a while, and it’s easy to assume that Kourtney is laying the groundwork for future product collaborations.

Despite the motives, Travis Barker has an interesting take on CBD products. The designs are sleek and elegant, with options from tinctures to creams. His company also advertises relaxation methods and meditation exercises to accompany the CBD.

Though the business is sleek and clean, Travis himself has a reputation of being a bit of a bad boy. Though this is contradictory, it’s also extremely helpful to the modern CBD conversation. Men, especially those who have been coined as “tough” or “manly,” are rarely encouraged to care for their physical and mental health. There is a history of bottling emotions and pain for these individuals, which is generally considered to be a bad idea. Travis’s contradiction sets a role model for men to take care of themselves, both inside and out. This corner of the CBD conversation is incredibly important to our overall social health.

The Business Side of the CBD Industry

The Business Side of the CBD Industry
Photo by Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of CBD companies that have been created by celebrities. More seem to be appearing constantly, with claims to approach CBD in a new and exciting way. The effect that increased supply will have on the CBD market is sure to be interesting.

Even in the last few years, the options for CBD products on the shelves of health stores and co-ops have gone from one or two to five or six. You can even find CBD products in places like movie theaters, grocery stores, and chain clothing retailers (hello, Urban Outfitters).

As CBD becomes more popular and the market becomes more saturated, the celebrity appeal may become less interesting. However, it certainly may open the door for a larger conversation about cannabis. At the very least, we can expect more competitive pricing somewhere down the line.

The Gender Question

Not only do celebrity endorsements help with general advocacy and acceptance, but they also help by including people who feel as though they can use cannabis and CBD. Generally, media depictions of cannabis and CBD use often center around men. A 2016 study showed that more men use cannabis than women do, leaving some women with the mistaken impression that cannabis is not for them. In reality, CBD has the power to help all genders and with a variety of ailments.

As evidenced above, many of the celebrity endorsements of CBD identify as female. This can have a significant impact on the discrepancy in cannabis use between the genders. If the public begins to see more women at the forefront of the CBD conversation, the perception of cannabis will slowly shift from being male-dominated to equal between all genders. As this happens, more non-male individuals will feel empowered to use CBD as part of their pain, mental health, and/or skin regimens.

This shift can have a significant impact on people who get periods especially. CBD can have emotional and physical benefits during menstruation. This new wave of female-led CBD businesses can help individuals to get some much-needed relief from period symptoms. This is a significantly positive consequence of having celebrities endorsing various CBD-related products.

To look at the other side of the gender spectrum, more talk of CBD products can help male-identifying individuals as well. As discussed above, men are rarely encouraged to focus on their physical and mental health. In reversing that pattern, a lot of social ills can be solved.

Overall, it is safe to say that increased discussion about CBD has a positive influence on the world of gender politics.


Ultimately, what this whole conversation boils down to is the idea of influence. Even though CBD has been around for a while now, and it has had anecdotal evidence of efficacy for nearly that entire time, no one wants to listen until their favorite celebrity begins to advocate for its use. Respected medical establishments such as Harvard Health have admitted the promise of CBD for years now. However, it is the reality of today’s society that the public will more often listen to celebrity influence than data and statistics.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. For all of the above individuals, the influence they provide is helping CBD to touch more lives in a positive way. Many people who would otherwise be oblivious to the power of CBD now have direct access to information and the community surrounding these products. As for raw data, it’s not particularly surprising that the general public doesn’t turn to studies for their information. Statistics are easily confusing and learning to interpret them is not a regular part of the American public school curriculum. It feels much more accessible to most people to trust the word of public figures that they’ve come to love. In this case, that seems to rank as a positive.

Celebrities for the Greater Good in the CBD Community

Celebrities for the Greater Good in the CBD Community
Photo by CRYSTALWEED cannabis on Unsplash

Overall, it would appear that celebrity endorsements of CBD products tend to be positive. Though increased conversation means more room for opposition or misinformation, it also creates room for more education and healing opportunities. Individuals who would have otherwise skipped CBD may now reach for it when they aren’t feeling well. Ideally, there will be much less stigma surrounding cannabis as a whole, as more people accept it as a healing medicinal option rather than a dangerous substance. It turns out that when famous people get involved, change happens rather quickly.

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