Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Inhalers

Your Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Inhalers

The expansion of the adult-use and medicinal cannabis markets over the past few decades has contributed to an especially important advantage for cannabis enthusiasts of all types – cannabis can now be consumed in a variety of unique ways, each with its own particular benefits.

From smokable cannabis flower, a host of unique vape options, and uses for cannabis extracts that run the gamut from tinctures and edibles to topicals and transdermal technology, the market is broader than ever before. Fortunately, this enables you to choose the method of delivery that is most effective for your cannabis needs.

One of the newest methods of delivery, cannabis inhalers, may provide access to cannabis for those who once struggled to find a suitable option, whether due to personal preference or medical condition. Cannabis inhalers allow users to enjoy the effects of THC and CBD via medical-grade devices. The cannabis inhaler delivers pre-measured and controlled doses, making the process easy, quick, and free of mess.

An inhaler’s ability to provide a controlled dose of cannabis compounds each and every time is one of the primary reasons inhalers have grown in popularity. They allow the user to inhale a perfect dose every time without any guesswork or risk of over-delivery. For this reason, we like to call it the Goldilocks of cannabis consumption methods.

What Are Cannabis Inhalers?

A cannabis inhaler looks very similar to one people use to treat asthma: a rigid plastic, angled cylinder with a mouthpiece that houses a smaller, metal cylinder that delivers whatever is inside. However, cannabis inhalers are filled with cannabinoids and terpenes instead of asthma medications.

The packaging and delivery of THC and CBD inhalers are preferred by many cannabis enthusiasts and medical marijuana patients. It guarantees a smooth, controlled dose each time and is remarkably portable and discreet, fitting easily into a pocket or handbag and looking just like a typical inhaler.

Benefits of a Cannabis Inhaler

Cannabis Inhalers
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Cannabis inhalers come with a number of benefits over other methods of delivery.


With the evolution of the cannabis industry came the preferences of enthusiasts. Bioavailability is a term used to describe how well a substance is absorbed into the body. The better the bioavailability, the better the body assimilates, offering an ideal symbiotic relationship with a chosen cannabis product.


The delivery of the dose is extremely smooth. Some enthusiasts don’t prefer products in flower form due to the need to smoke them. Others may have medical conditions that limit their ability to inhale smoke or vapor. Cannabis inhalers offer a non-irritating, smooth experience.


Cannabis inhalers are among the purest forms of cannabis consumption. Some of the compounds created by smoking can be harmful. Other compounds added for flavor or scent may not be preferable for cannabis purists.


Some beginners grow concerned about taking too much. Others like the idea of adopting more of a controlled and measured approach to enjoying cannabis. Moreover, some enthusiasts have difficulty parsing out doses of edibles. Yet, cannabis inhalers leave no questions related to dosage. Your chosen cannabis product will indicate the dosage (how many mg of THC or CBD is provided in each dose).

Ease of Use

A cannabis inhaler is a no-fuss, safe, and incredibly effective way to enjoy cannabis. The inhaler emits no aroma, there’s no residue left after use, and the controlled doses relieve any anxieties related to unwanted or delayed effects. Cannabis inhalers are the answer for those who seek a quick, easy, and effective way to enjoy cannabis. Others use them as another device option to supplement others related to smoking, eating, and vaping cannabis.


There are many reasons someone may want to be discreet about their consumption. Whether at a social function, in an enclosed area, or around others who disapprove of cannabis use, cannabis inhalers are an incredibly discreet way of consuming cannabis. Because they are both smokeless and create no order, an inhaler can be used easily without drawing a great deal of attention.

Cannabis Inhaler FAQs

Since cannabis inhalers are a relatively new addition to cannabis delivery methods – especially compared to age-old methods like smoking – we field quite a few questions about them. Here are some of the most common.

How Does a Marijuana Inhaler Work?
Image Credit: MÜV Cannabis Inhalers

How Does a Marijuana Inhaler Work?

Consider how the body utilizes oxygen; we breathe air into our lungs, and that air is absorbed through tiny sacs, making its way to the bloodstream. The process works in reverse when we exhale, helping rid the body of carbon dioxide. A cannabis inhaler injects THC and CBD directly into the lungs, ensuring a quick and effective route to the bloodstream. This can mean a much faster onset of effects compared to edibles, tinctures, and topicals. For some people, cannabis inhalers can work to help the airways relax, allowing more efficient intake of cannabinoids.

Is a Cannabis Inhaler Safe?

Cannabis inhalers are among the safest cannabis consumption methods. They are fairly easy on the airways and simple to dose, eliminating some of the coughing and soreness that can come with smoking as well as the potential for overconsumption. In addition, since inhalers do not rely on fat-soluble oils to make the cannabinoids available to the body, the possibility of side effects like gastrointestinal issues is greatly reduced.

Is a Cannabis Inhaler Effective?

Yes, cannabis inhalers are very effective. As mentioned, the products are hugely celebrated due to a fast and effective process. Users quickly feel the effects with the assurance that the dose is controlled and safe. In fact, the effects are near immediate and may set in within 30 seconds of consumption.

Do Cannabis Inhalers Get You High?

The answer is dependent upon the variety of your cartridge or inhaler, as well as how many doses you consume in a sitting. There are some CBD-only inhalers that do not contain THC (the source of the psychoactive effects cannabis is so well-known for creating), and without it will not create any kind of psychoactive effects. If you are using a THC inhaler instead, the outcome can be quite different depending on the ratio of THC to CBD. THC-only and THC:CBD inhalers can cause psychoactive effects, especially if you consume multiple doses of a THC-only mist.

What Is a Safe Amount of Cannabis to Consume?

This answer will be different for everyone. Just as pharmaceutical medications can affect each individual differently due to the individual’s tolerance, metabolism, and weight, so will varying amounts of cannabis. In addition, cannabis strains and products can vary in potency and effects. If you’re new to cannabis, the best way to determine your ideal dose of cannabis is to start low and gauge how you feel. We suggest starting with a small dose of around 2.5 mg and waiting for the effects to set in, then adjusting as you learn your tolerance.

What Is a Cannabis Nebulizer?

Cannabis nebulizers are another administration method that delivers cannabis mist. Cannabis is administered through a nebulizer machine, which delivers a cool aerosol mist between 1 and 5 microns. There’s no heating or smoking necessary, and it can provide an odorless option for cannabis consumption.

While nebulizers have benefits similar to cannabis inhalers, a nebulizer is a bit different in that as the machine creates a mist out of a liquid, the user must simply breathe into a mask as usual. An inhaler requires the user to inhale as they press down on the canister, creating the cannabis aerosol. The distinction seems arbitrary, but it is important.

Who Can Use a Cannabis Inhaler?

Cannabis inhalers can be used by anyone. That said, cannabis inhalers are especially excellent for those with conditions that can make breathing difficult or painful. Additionally, inhalers are great for those with acute symptoms in need of quick relief, such as migraines, muscle spasms, or seizures. Patients who are unable to ingest medications due to vomiting or nausea can also benefit from inhalers. In general, people with asthma or cancer can benefit greatly from this method of delivery.

Anyone with a sensitivity to smoke would also benefit from a cannabis inhaler, as well as those who want to be discreet about their consumption. A cannabis inhaler can allow immediate relief without being too obvious. Finally, people who prefer to microdose or otherwise need a precise dosage can benefit from cannabis inhalers.

Advantages of a Cannabis Inhaler vs. Other Methods?

Cannabis inhalers are arguably less irritating to the lungs and respiratory tract than either smoked or vaped cannabis. They are also much more discreet, as they don’t produce clouds of smoke or vape mist. Inhalers are easier to dose than cannabis flower, vapes, and most edibles. In addition, the effects of an inhaler will set in within seconds or minutes, versus 30 minutes to two hours with cannabis edibles and capsules.

How Long Will Cannabis Inhalers Last?

Anyone new to using a cannabis inhaler should start slowly. Take a single dose and then wait up to 2 hours to see how you’ve been affected. The effects can last for up to 2 hours before they begin to diminish. That means before taking additional doses, it may be necessary to wait up to 2 hours to make sure you don’t take too much.

The inhaler itself will only last for as many doses as it provides. Check the packaging of your cannabis inhaler to determine how many milligrams of cannabinoids are included in each dose and how many doses you can expect to get out of each canister.

Cannabis Inhalers: A Quick and Safe Cannabis Delivery Option

Although people are becoming more familiar with the variety of cannabis products now available at medical and retail dispensaries, the market is evolving quickly. As one of the newest cannabis delivery methods, inhalers can be a great cannabis option to get to know more intimately. Whether you’re looking to remain discreet, demand a precision dose, or need quick results, cannabis inhalers are here to stay.

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