An In-Depth Guide to Blue Dream Cannabis and CBD

An In-Depth Guide to Blue Dream Cannabis and CBD

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With so many choices available when it comes to cannabis and CBD, it can be difficult to differentiate between the various strains and their respective benefits. That’s why we highlight individual strains and offer you an in-depth breakdown of what makes them unique. Today’s featured strain is called Blue Dream.

So, what is Blue Dream?

Breaking Down Blue Dream

While each strain of cannabis is different, there are a few common ways of classifying the varieties. When starting with the general question of what strain is blue dream, it’s helpful to start by identifying a few key characteristics, which include determining if it is sativa or indica and what proportions of THC and CBD it contains. It can also help to learn how the strain was created, giving you a better understanding of where these characteristics come from. This background information gives users a better idea of what kind of effects to expect.

Sativa and Indica Varieties of Marijuana

When learning about weed strains, it’s important to differentiate between sativa and indica. Generally speaking, sativa varieties are cerebral and encourage productivity, as well as increased alertness and energy, contrary to a lot of assumptions on the effect of weed. Indica varieties affect your body more than your mind, making you sleepy and relaxed. You could say that the former is more of a mental high, while the latter is a body high.

 So, is Blue Dream indica or sativa? 

While Blue Dream is actually considered a hybrid of the two, it is primarily composed of sativa. This allows it to combine the relaxing effects on the body with the creative stimulation of the mind.

THC and CBD Concentrations in Marijuana

The other important distinction between strains involves their concentrations of THC versus CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are two natural components found in cannabis. While both have medical benefits and interact with your body, they do so in slightly different ways. THC provides a powerful sense of euphoria most commonly described as “being high.” This can be an extremely positive experience, but it can also hamper your ability to function, limiting what you can do while it remains in your system. It’s common to have coordination problems and slower reaction times with THC.

CBD offers a lot of the same benefits, which include pain relief, and nausea relief, among other things, without the “high” from THC. However, THC is essential for the CBD to bind properly to your system. As such, even strains mainly used for their CBD have a small amount of THC, allowing them to function as intended, but without the psychoactive effects.

In its original form, Blue Dream kush is relatively high on THC with only 2% CBD. However, Blue Dream has been bred to effectively crossbred by the Humboldt Seed Organization into a newer variety known as Blue Dream CBD, with a much higher amount proportion of the non-psychoactive component. Or in other words, you get all the positive effects of CBD and keep a clear head, allowing you to go about your day and accomplish tasks while still enjoying the euphoric high of Blue Dream weed.

Where Does Blue Dream Come From?

While the story behind the creation of the CBD Blue Dream is known, the exact origins of the original strain are somewhat debated, as different parties claim credit for its invention. What is known is that Blue Dream itself is a cross of two other popular strains of cannabis. The first is called Blueberry, which is an indica strain. The second is Haze, a sativa strain. The blend of these two is what results in the unique combination that is Blue Dream.

Is Blue Dream Right for Me?

Is Blue Dream Right for Me?

Cannabis can be extremely helpful in a vast number of situations. However, given the number of different strains, it’s important to determine which options are best to fulfill your specific needs prior to seeking them out. Blue Dream is just one of many. Reading over the following additional information on the many applications of this specific strain can help you determine if Blue Dream is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Common Effects and Uses for Blue Dream Kush

Knowing the Blue Dream CBD content and sativa vs. indica balance is a good start. But to fully decide whether Blue Dream marijuana is right for you, it’s best to learn about the specific common effect’s users of Blue Dream experience. Traditionally Blue Dream leaves users feeling both relaxed and creative. Blue Dream CBD takes the iconic strain and makes it so that even those with a low tolerance for cannabis can enjoy the therapeutic benefits, while still being able to focus on their day to day responsibilities.

Given the carefully curated balance of sativa and indica, as well as the enhancement of CBD, Blue Dream is extremely effective in treating a variety of conditions. The most common use is to help combat symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Blue Dream CBD Reviews

It can be helpful to read up on the details and background of a cannabis strain you haven’t previously used, but one of the best ways to learn about what the effects are really like is by reading through other people’s lived experiences. DiamondCBD features a wealth of reviews on their website for that exact purpose. With an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5, it’s clearly an extremely popular product, but that’s not the full story.

Here are a few of our favorite reviews:

Sean O.
5.0 star rating
Very smooth and potent
Leeann P.
5.0 star rating
Very chill, spacey vibe. Doesn’t make you tired, but get ready to zone out for a short while.
B C.
5.0 star rating
good buzz, tastes like a blue raspberry dumdum
Michael D.
5.0 star rating
My coworkers recommended delta-8 for sleep help. Initially I was reluctant since I wasn’t impressed with CBD, but I’m glad I’ve found these. They are quite handy to keep next to the bed to help me get back to sleep when my mind wants to run around instead. These are much faster-acting than the gummies.
Clint W.
5.0 star rating
Definitely a Great Experience!

As you can see, looking over the specific stories shared in the reviews, you can find out about all the different ways that Blue Dream CBD has helped improve people’s lives. Many of the comments remark upon its applications in helping with sleeplessness, reduced anxiety, management of PTSD symptoms, Multiple Sclerosis, and quitting smoking, for a start. If you have a specific issue you are hoping to address, you can search through the reviews to see if others have had success with similar situations.


Where Can You Find Blue Dream CBD?

All this knowledge is helpful in determining whether this particular strain is something you’d like to try. But once that decision has been made, the next step is to find out where you can acquire such a strain.

Is Buying CBD Products Legal?

You might be tempted to start messing on the Internet and googling: how much does a gram of Blue Dream cost? Before getting ahead of yourself, it’s important to become familiar with the laws within your state regarding cannabis, especially depending on what kind of variety you’re looking to purchase. Hemp-derived CBD is currently legal in all 50 states, so if you’re strictly in search of a CBD Blue Dream product, then you’re in luck.

Purchasing Blue Dream CBD Online


Purchasing Blue Dream CBD Online

blue dream cbd

There are many different ways to partake of cannabis, but a fairly popular and effective method is through vaping. Fortunately, Blue Dream CBD is available as a CBD vape oil, so if you’re comfortable with vaping, you can easily and conveniently order yourself a Blue Dream cartridge online, from the safety and comfort of your home.

The experience of vaping Blue Dream can be a little different than other methods, given that you also get the added flavor of the vape juice. As is somewhat implied by the name, the flavor of Blue Dream CBD vape juice is pure blueberry, making it a delicious, fruity treat. The flavor actually contributes to the overall benefits of Blue Dream marijuana. Beyond the psychological and physical effects of the strain, the blueberry taste and scent work together to promote a feeling of intense, full-body relaxation and mental wellness.

Whenever you’re ready to place an order, you can find Blue Dream cartridges for sale online at DiamondCBD. They have a wide selection when it comes to their products, allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for.



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