10 TV Shows That Are Even Better With Marijuana

TV Shows That Are Even Better With Marijuana

In the classic stoner film, Half Baked, Jon Stewart’s character, referred to as the Enhancement Stoner, likes to smoke marijuana because it gives him a unique outlook on common experiences that is just not attainable when sober. Discussions of everything from looking at the back of a twenty-dollar bill to watching Scent of a Woman end with him inquiring, “but have you seen it on weed?” This stoner trope is amusing, but it does emphasize the fact that cannabis is beloved for its ability to transform even the most mundane situations into opportunities for looking at the world with a fresh, unique perspective.

The capacity for expanding your mind is just one of many benefits of cannabis consumption. Whether you consume marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, you have likely discovered that being high noticeably improves the majority of daily activities, from increasing your focus at work to aiding in relaxation when it’s time to unwind. If you’re like most people, you probably prefer to relax by watching TV with your loved ones. Millions of cannabis users across the country reap the benefits of watching TV while stoned, so you should consider smoking the next time you sit down to binge the latest series.

In the information below, we answer your most pressing cannabis-related TV questions, such as whether tv is really better when you’re high, how exactly marijuana changes your TV viewing experience, and what are the best TV shows to watch high.

Is TV Really Better When You’re High?

Is TV Really Better When You’re High? Recent research has proven what many long-time stoners have been saying for years – TV is simply more enjoyable when you’re high. The media and brand consultancy firm, Miner and Co. Studio, conducted a study in 2018 that examined the smoking habits of typical Americans and found that consuming cannabis directly impacts TV watching behavior, especially for users with children. 70% of the 800 survey respondents shared that they spend more time watching TV when high, and 86% note that cannabis enhances the overall experience. Cannabis improves their attention span, makes them feel more immersed in the show, increases their likelihood of trying a new series, and even makes commercials less annoying. Comedies become funnier, dramas more intense, and complicated storylines can be better understood and appreciated.

Furthermore, this study supports the argument that the stereotype of the lazy, disinterested stoner is patently untrue, particularly in the case of cannabis-consuming parents. Most smokers are employed with full-time jobs, married or cohabiting with a significant other, and have children. Far from negatively impacting their parenting abilities, consuming cannabis actually results in spending more quality time with their kids and having more valuable conversations. Approximately 8 out of 10 survey respondents who were parents regularly smoke before watching a TV show with their kids and feel that it substantially enhances their TV watching experience, leading to the development of interesting discussions with their kids and causing them to spend more time together.

How Does Cannabis Make TV Shows More Enjoyable?

Marijuana impacts your perception and cognition functioning through the THC molecule binding to your brain’s cannabinoid receptors, which activates the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and endorphins. This means smoking causes an elevation of your mood similar to what you experience while exercising, spending time with a loved one, or engaging in sexual activity.

Cannabis use tends to result in fits of reflexive laughter, which becomes stronger and more frequent when you’re watching something funny. Laughter is already contagious, but it becomes even more so when you’re high, so watching with your friends while passing a joint or a bowl of popcorn dripping in THC butter will further intensify the reaction. Being stoned also heightens your perception of colors and music, making TV shows seem more vivid and entrancing. Combined with the elevated mood and uncontrollable giggle fits, an already amusing TV show can quickly become absolutely, side-splittingly hilarious.

10 Best TV Shows to Watch High

Best TV Shows to Watch High

Now that you understand the science behind why watching TV while stoned is so enjoyable, you are probably curious about what to watch on Netflix while high. Stoner TV shows are an obvious choice, but many programs that you wouldn’t consider cannabis-related TV shows can also be seriously upgraded by taking a few puffs beforehand. Consider our list below to ensure you always know what to switch on when you’re looking to kick back, relax, and share a few laughs.

1. Weeds


Weeds (Netflix) is widely recognized as one of the best stoner shows on Netflix. Arguably the first TV show to represent cannabis users as everyday people, this dark comedy revolves around a recently widowed mother trying to pay her bills by selling marijuana to the members of her affluent, suburban neighborhood. It portrays marijuana as a popular, mainstream drug of choice enjoyed by even the most unassuming people and helped undermine the stigma surrounding cannabis and its users.

2. Workaholics


Beloved by stoners everywhere, Workaholics (Hulu) follows three hard-partying friends who live together and try to get away with doing as little actual work as possible at the telemarketing company they work for. The actors are improv masters and good friends off-screen, allowing them to translate their skills to create absolutely hilarious yet relatable situations that will have you rolling.

3. Disjointed


Disjointed (Netflix) stars Oscar-winning Kathy Bates as a hippie marijuana advocate who opens a Los Angeles dispensary. It focuses on the employees and their customers, drawing attention to marijuana history, activism, and the numerous medicinal benefits of the plant for users of all types, including a security guard with PTSD and a housewife using cannabis as an escape from her mundane reality.

4. Broad City


Originally a web series, Broad City (Comedy Central) is based on the real-life friendship of two Jewish-American stoner girls living together in New York City. This show is unique among modern 420 TV shows because it spotlights cannabis use among women, who represent half of the industry’s market but have been long excluded from the traditionally male-dominated stoner culture.

5. High Maintenance


Another web series picked up by a major network, High Maintenance (HBO), features an anonymous Brooklyn pot dealer that delivers cannabis to a wide variety of interesting customers. The show’s goal was to introduce the audience to the lives of cannabis users in a comedic way that would reveal the wide demand for cannabis and help break the stereotype of the typical user.

6. Rick and Morty


Rick and Morty (Hulu) is an animated science-fiction comedy focusing on the relationship between a cynical, mad scientist with a penchant for creating destructive inventions and his awkward, anxiety-riddled grandson who accompanies him on his intergalactic adventures. It combines wacky characters, interdimensional drama, pop culture references, psychedelic visuals, and tongue-in-cheek jokes that poke fun at everyone from the President to the fans themselves.

7. Our Planet


From the creators of Planet Earth, Our Planet (Netflix) is a fascinating nature docuseries filled with incredible footage of the world’s most stunning and vulnerable natural habitats. Narrated by British naturalist David Attenborough, this ground-breaking show tackles the sensitive issue of climate change and represents how it significantly impacts the existence and diversity of life across the globe.

8. American Weed

American Weed (Viceland) is a documentary series produced by National Geographic that focuses on Colorado, the cannabis capital of the U.S., and how the state has obtained enormous financial benefits from legalization. It examines cannabis culture and the way it has adapted in response to the “green rush” by sharing stories of entrepreneurs, growers, dispensary owners, patients, advocates, opponents, police officers, and others involved in the marijuana industry.

9. Weediquette


Hosted by journalist Krishna Andavolu, Weediquette (Viceland) offers an in-depth exploration of cannabis around the world by combining entertainment with valuable education on marijuana laws and culture. This impressively researched cannabis-related TV program tackles the medical, economic, and ethical issues impacted by the marijuana industry and discusses how historical stigma and pharmaceutical companies have influenced the history of cannabis legislation.

10. The Great British Baking Show


A charming find for the whole family, The Great British Baking Show (Netflix) covers a good-natured baking competition that focuses on support and encouragement between contestants as they work to create the best baked goods. The picturesque setting and overall pleasant, happy atmosphere of the show make it incredibly satisfying to watch — just make sure you have munchies on hand.

Enhance Your Next 420 TV Show Watching Experience With The Right Strain

420 TV Shows

With the list presented above, you never have to struggle with what to watch on Netflix while high. If you are interested in learning more about how marijuana can enhance your daily activities, check out more posts on the Dank Budz marijuana blog. Our online cannabis community offers the highest quality of educational content, whether you want to grow your own, find a reputable dispensary, or simply stay up to date on current medical marijuana news. At Dank Budz, our goal is to educate the public on the myriad of benefits cannabis offers to help combat the existing stigma around this common practice.

And, before you get ready to Netflix and Chill, be sure to take our cannabis strain finder quiz to discover which marijuana strain is the perfect fit for your next sesh.

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